Ingress Gets Update, Adds New Missions Feature

Ingress Gets Update, Adds New Missions Feature

Sep 25, 2014

Google/Niantic Labs’ augmented reality title Ingress is getting a new update with an interesting new feature called “Missions.”

Missions look to encourage players to visit portals and completing specific actions, like hacking or capturing, and may then ask the player to use clues to solve a puzzle required to move on to the next step of the mission. The new missions can be accessed via a new Missions tab in the Ops section.

In a move that simply makes sense, the developers have also further merged functionality sets of Ingress Missions and its other app Field Trip. Using the this dataset allows for the potential to direct Missions players to Field Trip locations.

Additionally, to start, a select number of users will have the ability to create their own Missions and share with players. The plan is to eventually open up the feature to players level 5 and above.

We had an opportunity to review Ingress and observe how that app has grown since it was unveiled. It has received a steady batch of upgrades, including being opened to players using iOS devices.

Ingress remains free on the Play Store; the new update is rolling out currently. The new feature is restricted to Android users for the time being.

[Source: Ingress Google+ Page]

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Sep 19, 2014

Ingress has a way inserting itself into conversation.

I was at an informal reunion of my wife’s class, held at a restaurant last winter. As the evening wore on, I happened to over hear one of my wife’s old classmates talking about “hacking” with his wife.

Boom. I lost track of time. We talked about strategies, local hotspots, the challenges of playing as a couple and making friends with the “enemy.”

Some of the others at the table were curious about what elicited such engaged conversation. As anyone that plays Ingress can tell you though, you almost have to play it to get it. Google’s Niantic Labs’ augmented reality thriller is especially interesting, but also quite hard to explain. Thus, we probably sounded like a few techno geeks on a smartphone high.

We probably didn’t do a good job of recruiting, but I blame the developer.

Thankfully, Niantic Labs has released a new video that helps in situations like this. This new video does a great job at discussing gameplay basics:

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Androidcentral]

Ingress Level 6 and Above Players Can Now Invite Others to Google’s Augmented Reality Game

Ingress Level 6 and Above Players Can Now Invite Others to Google’s Augmented Reality Game

Apr 1, 2013

For those of us completely immersed in Google/Niantic Lab’s augmented reality game Ingress, this will surely be good news.

In true Google style, entry into the closed beta has been tough, creating massive request threads and spawning art and limericks on Google+ that reportedly helped increase the odds of scoring invites from impressed Niantic Lab developers. It didn’t help that the beta selection process was not fully understood; I know someone who got three invites in his Hotmail, so the tried and true method of email bombing the Niantic request page probably wasn’t a surefire way to get in.

One of the most criticized aspects of the game — the inability to invite people to play — has been somewhat fixed. Starting today, players who have achieved Level 6 in either faction can invite one new player each to get into the game. So, if you have a bunch of 6, 7 or 8 players, your local faction can be impacted positively.

I think this is very timely. A lot of the folks who started playing last year are at higher levels, and in our playing community, a couple hit the top levels and retire. This keeps the big boys and girls involved with the game. It also allows for the more dedicated area factions to tip local portal ownership to their favor by doing meaningful recruitment of newbies.

It’s great to see the continued development and extension of the Ingress brand. A bunch of new e-books is about to be launched as well, and some recent tweaks to the app itself indicate that Google is putting in some work to get the game polished enough for real world adoption.

If you know someone who is at level 6 or higher, and have been hungering to get in, now is the time to do something sweet… like filing off bunions and such.

Trust me: it’ll be worth it. I think.

[via AndroidCentral and DecodeIngress]

Ingress is a Mysterious New Augmented Reality Game From Google

Ingress is a Mysterious New Augmented Reality Game From Google

Nov 19, 2012

What is Ingress? It’s a new augmented-reality game from Niantic Labs in private beta. But there’s something odd about it: it’s a Google-backed game.

Named after the ship that brought people from around the globe to San Francisco during the time of the Gold Rush, [email protected] is an internal Google studio that’s currently working on geolocation-based mobile projects, including this and Field Trip.

Ingress is shrouded in mystery: the objective appears to be to find sources of energy that are harvested from real-world locations. As well, there’s the ability to capture territory for one of two sides: the Enlightened or the Resistance. Players will be able to team up with others in order to try and advance their cause.

While part of the interest behind this game is that Google is backing it, it reamins to be seen if the game will have success as it nears its widespread launch. Currently, to get in, an invite needs to be acquired from the Ingress website. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.