Use These Apps to Reduce Eye Strain at Night from Your Phone or Tablet

Use These Apps to Reduce Eye Strain at Night from Your Phone or Tablet

Jan 28, 2013

Is your phone or tablet’s brightness driving you crazy at night? Well, there are ways to tweak the colors in order to reduce eye strain, and there are a couple apps in particular that can help – all without rooting!

Reduce Blue Light does just what it says: it reduces the brightness of the blue pixels on your screen in order to make the picture appear warmer. Think about it this way, you ever have an electronic device with a blue LED? And ever notice how brightly it shines, especially at night? Well, that’s what’s causing eye strain on digital displays, that bright blue light. By reducing it, which is what this app can do, it makes the device’s screen less strainful than without it. The full version comes with various options to tweak the effect, and the free version comes with 15 minutes to test it out.

Usres who want more customization may want to check out Night Filter, which has more options for specific colors and opacity that are more advanced but provide greater control. Night Mode can also help dim the screen to much lower levels than default settings will allow.

These apps generally serve as screen overlays, so they can take up processing power that will hurt performance in hardware-intensive apps like games, so take care in using these tools.