Night Lighter Review

Night Lighter Review

May 27, 2014

Night Lighter is an endless runner arcade game with his own look and feel and is therefore somewhat different then the countless other endless runners out there.

In Night Lighter players take control of a little fellow who travels a seemingly endless world. His world is mainly black, with blue stripes to outline the level and the player. There are also yellow coins and red obstacles – Night Lighter has a bit of a neon light feeling to it and it definitely does the game good. This ambiance gives the game his own recognizable face and that is something an modern endless runner needs; there are simply to many out there. The music has a big role to in the way the game presents itself. It is mellow and somewhat quite, but at the same time present, but never disturbing or annoying. It fits the game very well and is a pleasure to listen to during gameplay.


Being an endless runner, the little blue main character runs by itself. The only action players have is the jump button and there lies the fundamentals of the game. It has some challenging jumps in store, so players must beware. The main goal of the game is – like everyone expects – the gain a high score. Players do that by running as far as possible and collecting those coins, dodging the enemies and jump over pits. The catch? The players vision will slowly become smaller and smaller, until the point that one can only see what is right in front of him. The rest of the level is at that point pitch black – everything but the player. It becomes nearly impossible to get very far this way.

Luckily, Night Lighter has a special, blue collectible. With it, the player gives the main character some extra power to keep on the light, so that the inevitable death is delayed by a couple of jumps. Those blue collectibles aren’t very rare, but at some point the player will run out of energy and die within mere seconds. By collecting hundred coins, the blue fellow gains an extra life. Also, the game features some checkpoints here and there, so that players won’t have to start all over again.

Night Lighter is a mellow endless runner. From the way it looks to the way it feels while playing, it offers a unique experience, even though the basics aren’t fundamentelly different then games within the same genre.