Nightbird Trigger X Review

Nightbird Trigger X Review

Nov 25, 2013

Nightbird Trigger X is the sequel to the game the similar name from Colopl Inc.

It’s a fairly easy game to understand, and is cloaked in a basic backstory: the Man is after us, and shooting successfully to destroy the gems diminishes The Man’s power and reach.

The game graphics are somewhat otherworldly, from the ephemeral embodiment of the protagonist character to the look of the moving pieces. The animations play tricks in the senses, but in a good, competitive fashion. The movements translate well, and create a fluid, continuous story on a 2D canvas.

The gameplay itself is mostly time and shoot action. Our hero has a weapon, and had to blast jewels across gaping space that trigger bridges for him to travel across. In between the protagonist abd the target is a moving obstacle.fight1 To make the shot in the least number of tries, it is necessary to get the timing just right, as there us usually a moment when everything is aligned perfectly enough to make the shot. As soon as the target shatters, said bridge is deployed and the prices repeats with a new set of obstacles. As the game and levels progress, the obstacle get way more intricate, and quite the challenge. Different shapes and a mix of movements play havoc on the senses; even rotary elements are present. And then there is the timer. That’s right; it’s a race against the clock in addition to using the least amount ammunition in the drive to get three stars in each level.

The game feels repetitive at times; most of the variation has to do with how intricate the middle obstacle can be. Then, there are times I feel the difficulty fluctuates somewhat wildly, from pretty easy to write difficult… do much so that the in-app store feels indispensable at times.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun sequel, and a decent time waster. Free to play makes it that much better.