Ninja Bees Review

Ninja Bees Review

Mar 20, 2013

Cartels. Factions. Turf wars.

And frogs, toads and Ninja insects. This is the premise behind Ninja Bees from Larku.

The bees are losing their lands, and to survive, they have to take the fight to the frogs and toads.

The initial thing that came to mind is how similar the gameplay is to Angry Birds. On the surface, it is hard not to see the influence: I had to use bees as projectiles to destroy the amphibious land grabbers regardless of the fortifications. Stimulating a slingshot, I used my finger to generate potential energy. I also had to judge arc of travel so as to hit the exact spot I wanted to hit.

At many levels, physics was the name of the game, and the developer did a pretty good of making it look realistic. I also noted that strategy came into play the further I advanced. There was stuff like air geysers that I could use to my benefit, and sometimes, a planned attack went further that brute force.

There was a finite number of bees I could fling per level, so of course, I had to do a good job with limited resources. Damage to structures surrounding the frogs also led to points, and the higher point total, the more achievements.The unused bees at every level were converted to bonus points.

One cool feature was the usage of beers that possessed special powers. These powers ran the gamut, and feel within the creative boundaries of the game: roundhouse kicking bees, Ninja bombs, pounding bees and such.

The graphics were effective without being overpowering, and the music felt quite appropriate. The transitions worked with unnoticeable stutter.

I though Ninja Bees was a creative take on an obsessively popular genre. Since the gameplay is so familiar, I think it will resonate with a lot of people.