Ninja Royale Review

Ninja Royale Review

Jun 4, 2012

Ninjas have come and gone in popularity over the years. Right now, there are a lot of ninja games to try out. Ninja Royale is one of the cool ones. There are some games that can be too complicated and graphically intense for a mobile device. Ninja Royale is cartoony (in a good way) and the controls are simple. This makes it fun to play on a break at work or in between classes.

When starting out, an account needs to be created, either by signing into Facebook or creating one through Mobage. There will be an app installed to your Facebook account if that route is chosen. Ninja Royale don’t seem to be one of those games that post to Facebook without permission, so that’s good.

From there, a player needs to be chosen. There are different clans, each with different abilities. By tapping on one, there is a bit of an explanation to help decide which one to choose. Once a clan is chosen, the only real option to start out is to choose the Mission option.. This is the training area for the game. It works on the basic skills needed to play the game well.

There are a few ways to control the actions of the ninja and weapons. In the main map-like screen, pressing the Go button or the special mission indicators to evoke action. Other levels require tapping or swiping on the target to create action. The special missions are in a first person view. Like any good game, there is a boss battles at the end of the level to put together all of the skills and weapons picked up throughout the level.

After the first level is complete the Battle option is opened. There are other fighters here who are fought for different treasures. When all of the treasures are attained, there is a gift awarded. The gifts help level up weapons and health.

The game could be a bit more involved for the map-like part, the battles are similar to the fruit slashing games so there is some quick thinking involved. Especially when the combinations of slash or tap depending on what or where the enemy is.