Prime World: Defenders Review

Prime World: Defenders Review

Jun 17, 2014

Prime World: Defenders is the latest in the very well-worn tower defense genre. Does it tower above the others?

Screenshot_2014-06-08-19-23-47Prime World: Defenders has a nice story which is impressive for a tower defense game. The world has ended and the past times are barely remembered by most. A new magical material called Prime, a source of endless energy and a great material for both magic and weapons.

Of course war breaks out for control of the stuff.

The player, however, plays as another group of hunters who are simply trying to uncover artifacts of the past in a dangerous area where prime was first discovered. Infested with the Touched, prime man monsters the player defends their band while they search for artefacts. Cool comic books style cutscenes help to explain the game’s story further.

Prime World: Defenders is a tower defense game. The player places towers of various types as enemies advance along a pre-defined route. Placing different towers smartly is key to stopping enemies before they reach their goal. There are basic arrow towers, poison towers and towers that simply slow enemies down so they can be picked off more easily by other nearby towers. There are flying enemies, slow, strong enemies and fast, weak enemies among others so it’s important to have a good mix between slow powerful towers and fast firing towers.

Unfortunately, Prime World: Defenders just lacks anything beyond that. Unlike Siegecraft Defenders, the player can’t build walls and there are no quirks like multiple entrances forcing the player to change up their strategy.

Screenshot_2014-06-17-08-08-24Enemies come in waves and, unlike most tower defence games, the next wave can be summoned at any time. Summoning a wave early gives the towers more enemies to deal with, but grants bonus resources and achievements.

Prime World: Defenders has a long single player campaign and a robust upgrade system keeps the player rolling though the game. Cards can also be acquired which when fused together can improve the player’s towers.

A major problem with Prime Defenders is that the interface is just too small to use on a phone screen. On my S4 text is a fraction of an inch high and buttons are tiny icons that are impossible to decipher. Prime Defenders is effectively unplayable unless it is played on a tablet or output to a television.

The game looks nice enough with a pleasant ramshackle look to the hastily built defences. The sound however isn’t so good. The game has a lot of voice acting but the acting quality varies and often it is pretty average stuff. Compared to a game like Siegecraft Defenders, Prime Defenders just can’t compete in presentation.

Prime World: Defenders is a run of the mill tower defense game with some serious interface problems. It isn’t anything amazing but it is worth a look for fans of the genre.