Freaky Friday – SWORD!

Freaky Friday – SWORD!

Jun 10, 2011

This week’s Freaky Friday entrant is a break from the norm – or at least it would be if this column had any concept of the norm – in that it’s actually quite good. Not good in the conventional sense, because convention has no place in our wandering around the wacky, but it’s good in the sense that you might actually want to use it more than once.

Except “use” isn’t really the right term. You don’t use SWORD!, because that would suggest that it actually does something useful. What it does do is turn your phone into an almost perfect sword simulator. Almost perfect, because fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your point of view – the app doesn’t extend a metal blade from the top of your handset.

After you’ve tapped into the app, you can select one of six different blades, from the classic sword to the scimitar and katana. Once you’ve chosen, you swing your phone around and it makes swordy noises. Schwing, clang, slash. You know the sort of thing.

There’s a deeply engrained, childlike joy inherent in swinging and swirling your phone around like a mad-person. You could pretend to be a knight, a pirate, a ninja, a samurai, even just a common or garden sword wielding lunatic. And all without breaking any of the more dramatic laws.

SWORD! makes its way onto our wall-mounted rack of the reasonless because it typifies a style of app that fills such a minuscule gap in the market, you have to wonder why anyone thought it needed filling. Still, it’s a good job they did. SWORD! Might be silly, but it does exactly what you want it to do. Nothing beats pretending you’re not drowning in the miserable drudge of real life, and if you get to add sound effects to your make believe, than that’s even better.

SWORD! is available now, for free, from the Android Market.