Best App Ever Awards for Android 2013 Nominations Now Open

Best App Ever Awards for Android 2013 Nominations Now Open

Apr 3, 2013

Best App Ever has been running for several years over on the iOS side of things, but now it’s time for Google’s Android platform to shine, and for you to determine which apps are the best apps ever in a variety of categories, from productivity to gaming! The 2013 Best App Ever Awards for Android nominations are now open.

Just visit and get started in the dozens of available categories. Click on a category to nominate an app in, search for the name (start from the beginning of the app name), and hit Enter. Click on the app’s name, and that will nominate it! Simple as that.

These awards are not just open to apps from the past year, but to any Android app since the inception of Google Play and Android Market, along with the Amazon Appstore! See, we’re looking for the 2013 choices for the Best App Ever, and if an app from 2010 is still the best app ever in a particular category, then that app should win. But it’s up to you to decide.

See, all the categories are based on your nominations. The goal of the awards is to nominate the best, not just the best-selling. You can nominate an app just once in a category, but you can nominate multiple apps in a single category, and a single app in multiple categories. Nominations are open until April 30th. After this, you’ll be able to submit your votes for the Best App Ever in each category based on the top nominees. As well, the ten top-nominated apps across each category will be up for the overall Best App Ever prize, to be announced in mid-May around Google IO.

We’ll have more on the awards as the process continues, including some of our staff’s choices for apps you should nominate and vote for along the way. Get to and start nominating the best apps that you think should win! They need your support in order to win!