Pull My Tongue Review

Pull My Tongue Review

Apr 9, 2016

Pull My Tongue, a new game from Noodlecake, is all about playfulness.

From a visual point of view, Pull My Tongue is quite inviting, with gentle characterizations, and a fun use of color that helps underscore the gameplay. It is brightly laid out in portrait, and the animations do the deed.

The game is simple enough to understand, and even easier to get into. Our chameleon is the friendly-faced protagonist, and it has a great craving for — of all things — popcorn.pmt3

Armed with a powerful, flexible tongue, the main idea is to guide said tongue in such a manner that the popcorn kernel can be collected. Therein is the the core game task: collect the popcorn to complete the level and move on to a subsequently newly opened level.


There is one challenging, built-in element: the three star star system, whereby one can look to collect as many of three stars that are laid out in the playing area on the way to getting the  popcorn at the end. So, one need not collect all starts to move on, but why not? It’s irksome to just leave them there. The tongue cannot be pulled endlessly though, so one wants to carefully navigate with it. Thus, th stars are laid out, with obstacles and barriers of sorts that one needs to work around to finish the level.

The game delightfully evolves into a series of pseudo-physics puzzlers, where one needs to wind the exhaustible tongue round in a quest to collect all collectibles, even while the levels increase the difficulty quotient.

It does feel a bit like Cut the Rope with regards to gameplay — and that’s not entirely a bad thing in the least, as there is a reason that game is so popular. The three star system is easy to get into, and the infinite replayability of the game is definitely a plus.

Noodlecake’s ‘Pull My Tongue’ Launches on Google Play

Noodlecake’s ‘Pull My Tongue’ Launches on Google Play

Apr 6, 2016

Noodlecake Studios just dropped a new game called Pull My Tongue on Google Play; this one is an arcade puzzler that looks to make use of chameleon as our protagonist.

Per Google Play:

Meet Greg. A hungry little chameleon that loves popcorn! Help feed Greg by pulling his tongue through a series of fun puzzles that include, zappers, spikes, chewing gum, balloons and more!
Key Features:

– 5 worlds with 90 levels
– Cute and cuddly character
– Deliciously unique tongue physics (yes there is such a thing)
– Never before seen gameplay and puzzles

Please note that In App Purchases are entirely optional and in no way required to complete the game!


The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

New Noodlecake Game The Balloons Launches on Google Play

New Noodlecake Game The Balloons Launches on Google Play

Oct 22, 2015

We’ve been teased for a while, but we’re happy to note that The Balloons — a new game out of Noodlecake Studios — is ready for public consumption on Google Play.

The Balloons is the first endless floater where you take control of your favorite character and soar as high as you can all while avoiding the dangerous spikes, dart shooters, waterfalls and more. Using a simple tap mechanic, players tap either side of the screen to propel their balloon of choice up and away.

There are tons of great characters such as Magenta, Blue, Frog, Ghost, Rock and even Pizza! And some of these characters will even bring an entirely new look to the game. You will get addicted to unlocking them all.

And unlocking them is a new game in itself! First off the “free gift” system you have seen so many times has been revamped into an actual mini game called Gifty Time! In Gifty Time, players get a bonus level to collect as many coins as they can before heading out into the dangerous world. We love how this is more interactive than just getting rewarded something random.

Then once you collect 100 coins, you can take them to the magic totem mini game. Every 100 coins allows you to play a slot machine mini game (Super Mario 3 inspired) where you can win more coins or an awesome new character. But don’t worry! If you don’t get a new balloon, the mini game gets easier each time you play it. So you’re bound to get one soon.

The game is free with in-app purchases; we’ll be taking a formal look at this one in the next day or two. In the mean time, enjoy the trailer:

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: League of Evil

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: League of Evil

Jun 2, 2015

Are you an action platformer game fan? Then the Amazon Appstore will be strumming your heartstrings with today’s free app League of Evil.

The world needs your help! Evil scientists worldwide have joined forces forming a “League of Evil”; the only super agent who can stop them is YOU!

As a specially trained agent you can double jump, flipping your way over obstacles. You are also trained in wall jumping gaps to reach new heights. So get ready to show your sick acrobatic moves across 160 challenging levels! Fight your way through your mission and find the mad scientist to deliver a well earned pixel punch in the face!

The world is counting on you. Now go save everyone!


– Over 160 levels of super agent action!

– Sick acrobatics: Jump, flip, wall jump, wall hug, double jump

– Multiple world locations

– Decapitations

– Pixel art and chiptune retro style game!

We reviewed the game a while back and really liked it; the game is usually $0.99, and is even available for Fire TV.

[Our Review]

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: HUEBRIX

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: HUEBRIX

May 31, 2015

For those dialed into the Amazon Appstore, today’s free offering, HUEBRIX, should be well received.

HUEBRIX brings the “Puzzle” back to Puzzle Games.

This game will test your visual, spatial and logical senses. Solve Levels by dragging paths from blocks to fill out the puzzle grid. However, the blocks only give you paths of a specified length. Special blocks determine the orientation of paths, acting as clues and challenges at the same time.

If you have bitten off more than you can chew, then our intelligent Hint System will give you a hint closest to your solution. HUEBRIX has over 400 levels available to play, segregated by skill level for your convenience. Think you have it in you? Go on, download our game, We DARE you!

HUEBRIX is usually priced at $0.99.

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Continuity 2

Amazon Appstore FAOTD: Continuity 2

May 29, 2015

Noodlecake’s side-scrolling and puzzle combo sequel Continuity 2 is up for grabs as the current offering from Amazon’s Free App of the Day promotion.

It is the follow-up to the popular game Continuity.

Product Features
Innovative puzzler/side-scroller mashup
Hours of gameplay
Over 50 brand new levels

Product Description
Continuity 2: The Continuation is the sequel to the puzzle game Continuity. Continuity has been played over 6 million times and won the Best Student Game award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival and Gameplay Innovation award at IndieCade 2010.

In Continuity 2, the game world is drawn onto sliding tiles. You must figure out how to rearrange each level in order to move your character through it, collect the key, and unlock the door.

The game usually costs $0.99.


Sunburn! Review

Sunburn! Review

May 26, 2015

We’ve waited for a while for Sunburn!, and with good reason; early clips of the gameplay hearkened to something fun and engaging. Now that it’s out, we have the perfect occasion to check it out.

Graphically, it’s a fun, retro-feeling trip, with old-school characterizations and purposely stilted animations. It incorporates the use of color effectively, as in the visual representation of the target sun. The backdrop is dark, and the sound effectively carries along the gameplay.

The backstory for this one leans a tad towards the macabre; faced with the somber surety of inevitable demise, a space captain that is stranded in space without a ship decides to retrieve his scattered crew and use the suns gravity to assist the party in diving into it one last blaze of glory. Contact with a crew mate allows that person to attach to a hitch of sorts, and then launching the whole convoy at the sun successfully clears the level.


Movement is fairly easy, and is mostly explained in the in-game tutorial. As the planets are depicted in 2D fashion, one can use either side to achieve walking in either direction along the circumference; this allows the player to pick up any stragglers, and also allows one to sharpen up the launch point. Double-tapping and holding primes up the jumper, and releasing launches the player’s person. There is an oxygen meter that shows the player how much float time is left (it replenishes if and when the player lands on a space rock of some kind).

As it progresses, it becomes a series of procedural puzzles which force the player to figure out how to collect the stranded space folks and make it into the sun. At times, the player might have to jump from one planetary object to another; navigating this can be a challenge. There are different types of obstacles to get around, and even a shooting star or two to dodge.

The puzzles and the graphics work well together, and the overall simplicity give it a boost that make this premium title worth checking out.

New Game Sunburn! Due Out Soon on Google Play

New Game Sunburn! Due Out Soon on Google Play

May 5, 2015

Noodlecake is on a row; it is introducing a new game — called Sunburn! — that is due out on Google Play soon, via developer Secret Crush.

Based on its pedigree alone, it should be an interesting one:

Your ship is gone. Your crew is scattered. One option remains. Gather your crew… and jump into the sun. Reunite your shipmates and hurtle toward the end in 50+ distinctly dangerous gravity puzzles. You control the captain of a spaceship that is suddenly struck by a comet and destroyed. With no way to get home, the ship’s crew is forced to face reality. They’re doomed to die. There’s no way out. But no matter what their fate may be, one thing is decided for certain. No one dies alone. It’s your job to navigate through the universe as the captain and reunite your crew. Hop, blast, and drift your way from planet to planet using your trusty jetpack. Reunite the crew, making sure not to run out of oxygen and leave them to drift in the void. Beware of molten planets, speeding comets, and deadly gravity wells. And when everyone in the sector is reunited, make your way to sun. Sunburn! is the debut game from Secret Crush — a three person studio founded by three alumni of the prestigious NYU Game Center MFA game design program. Originally a student project, the game was then specially selected for three months of full-time development as part of the NYU Game Center incubator in New York City.

We can expect to see the game on the Play Store shortly, May 14th to be exact. It will cost $2.99.

We have a trailer below:

[Source: Sunburn! Informational]

Noodlecake Brings Beatdwown! to Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Noodlecake Brings Beatdwown! to Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Apr 23, 2015

Beatdown! is a new game that melds the whimsical with the classic beat-em up.

Wrongfully dismissed from his job, the hero is on a war path to take down anyone who gets in his way of giving the CEO a much needed beatdown!
Inspired by the classic beat-em up genre; get ready for BEATDOWN!
The game features:
– 20 Levels
– Endless mode
– 5 Bosses
– 5 Environments
– 30 Enemies
– Combos / Rage Attacks
– 3 control schemes (new control scheme, analog and d-pad)
– Google Play Achievements

Beatdown! is available for $0.99 on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play.

Look for our review out… very, very soon.

Buzz Killem Review

Buzz Killem Review

Feb 26, 2015

Action platformers almost always resonate; they are simple to learn, easy to enjoy and can be tweaked with several gameplay elements. With Buzz Killem (from industry strongman Noodlecake), we get some glorious graphics, easy-to-learn controls, arcade goodness and a lot of action.

Buzz Killem is a story of, well, going buck wild. It’s Rambo meets Independence Day. Buzz (action star’s Bill Killem’s dad) is a war vet who is brought back to confront an alien threat. Now, the kicker is tha Buzz has no compunction with regards to blasting away, and in the 2D environment that the game is set, all advantages are to be treasured.

And it is a simple but delightfully intense environment, with retro, chunky-ish graphics making up the core of the visuals. The animations further extend the old-school feel, with a bunch of staggered movements and jumpy animations. The controls are easy to understand, and are virtual in nature, allowing our here to travel in both directions, as well as the ability to jump (and double jump) over obstacles and up and across to aerial platforms. There is also a shooting button, which allow Buzz to use his firearm to dispatch enemies from relatively afar.


The gameplay is fairly simple, and boils down to avoiding dangers and staying alive. Dropping boulders, boxes, reactive floating enemies, shooting creatures and more make their presences felt; there is even a rotating blade or two. The action comes together such that quick reactions are necessary to be successful. The game is split into missions, and the developer tosses in an achievement system too.

The interesting aspect is the diversity and unpredictability of the dangers; mistiming a jump can be lethal. this element comes together quite well. I also like the arcade elements: collectibles, boosts, coin collection and upgrades. Real money can be used, but doesn’t feel mandatory.

Buzz Killem a cool game, simple at heart with plenty of fun aspects. It’s almost impossible to not enjoy.

Buzz Killem Drops on Android Courtesy of Noodlecake

Buzz Killem Drops on Android Courtesy of Noodlecake

Feb 26, 2015

Noodlecake is going big with its latest release, and asking folks to “channel (their) inner Rambo” with Buzz Killem.

Brought to you by the creators of the hit game Bill Killem! Buzz Killem is the story of a retired War Veteran called back into action after an Alien welcoming party greets Earth. And he is the father of famed action star Bill Killem.
Embark on missions of explosive proportions as you save America for the wrath of alien invaders! Visit usually peaceful and pleasant tourist spots like the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station and defend them from utter obliteration!
• Multiple Stages with a variety of missions to accomplish
• Smooth on-screen controls and platformer gameplay.
• Retro graphics, sound effects, and music!
• Tons of unlockables! New outfits, new guns, and new power-ups are yours for the taking!

The game is available for $0.99 (with in-app purchases) on Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

[Source: Noodlecake Press Release]

New Game Mikey Boots Makes its Way to Google Play and Amazon Appstore

New Game Mikey Boots Makes its Way to Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Feb 11, 2015

Mickey is back.

The third iteration in the “Mikey” series is back, and we hear he’s not solo; Mikey Boots is now available for Android users courtesy of Noodlecake Studios. The game follows in the footsteps of previous “Mikey” titles Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks

Mikey Boots is the next iteration in the Mikey franchise and ups the ante big time! Using a whole new control mechanic, Mikey now propels left and right depending on which half of the screen you are touching. Moving forward and upwards, Mikey must make his way to the goal without getting taken out by spikes, robots, missiles and more.

Just like the previous Mikey games, Boots is all about speed running and trying to best your friends times. Or if you are a perfectionist, battle your own ghost and shave off as many seconds as you can. Mikey Boots come stocked with 42 levels, 2 playable characters, 230 disguises and tons of achievements to keep you rocket boosting into the wee hours of the morning.

We had an opportunity to review both Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks; Mikey Boots is available Google Play and Amazon Appstore for $1.99.

[Source: Noodlecake Press Page]