Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster Review

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster Review

Feb 13, 2014

Everyone has a “driving” bucket list. Think about it: haven’t you ever wanted to captain a shrimp boat? What about a tank? The toddler choo-choo train at the mall?

You know you do. Well, it’s time to add and strike rollercoaster conductor to/from the list. This is what Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster from Ubisoft can do for you.

It’s an inviting game with a large heart, the latter point underscored in the engaging artwork. It’s a fun, cheerful romp, with smooth animations and subtle use of perspective.

The gameplay allows the player to control a rollercoaster add it travels along courses of varied design. The carts are not anchored to the course, so with a little bit of momentum and sharp dips, the entire linked contraption can gonutty1 airborne. Movement is generally achieved by swiping from left to the right in the direction of the travel, while swiping in the opposite direction decelerates the carts. The overall objective is to finish the course in one piece, while accumulating coins to “build” the newly unlocked levels.

At first, it does feel easy, but the game does get a bit tougher. Moving too fast can have unforeseen consequences, and conversely, slowness can have dire consequences; landing too roughly can upend the unit and kill the run, as can missing a key jump. Generalized laws of physics come into play and have to be accounted for.

The game employs some cool arcade elements. Collectible hearts line the travel space, and it does take some contorting to get to some of them. Collecting hearts is useful, as it converts to gold at the end of the level. Also, there are plenty of boosts and extra carts that can be purchased with gold. Levels can be repeated to gain the gold coin supply, and there are also tasks to be completed. Short on gold? More can be obtained with real cash, or via Tapjoy specials.

All in all, it is an engaging piece of software, simple in concept, but with plenty of play in i that should appeal to folks from different age groups.