KickStarter Spotlight: OG AppShooter

KickStarter Spotlight: OG AppShooter

Nov 7, 2012

Being a pretty average video game fan I feel like I would be a fairly reliable barometer for the general gaming audience. While I enjoy a good first-person-shooter I really do not enjoy playing them on my smartphone simply because there is just no intuitive way to aim and move. With consoles there are the sticks and on a PC there is the reliable mouse, but on mobile devices what is there, swiping and tilting; both flawed systems in their own right. Also, because of the lack of physical buttons everything tends to get jumbled up and finding the right button to hit in the heat of battle is a constant struggle. Now, a few weeks ago I did a similar KickStarter Spotlight on a mobile Bluetooth gaming remote called the iMpulse Game Controller. It basically was a micro sized, ultra-portable controller that enabled easier gaming for more simple games as well as some full fledged FPSs. This week, however, I am looking at something that is a little less portable and almost exclusively aimed at the FPS market.

The project is called the OG AppShooter and it is basically a life-sized plastic gun that has any smartphone or tablet holstered in the front. These come in two sizes, a tiny pistol for the smaller screen of smartphones and a giant submachine gun version that fits whole iPads or Android tablets. I will be honest, it does look a little ridiculous seeing a huge iPad strapped to the front of a white and orange plastic SMG but the idea has slowly been growing on me. We have all be looking for ways to make games more interactive and the one thing that we have never been able to do with FPS is make the screen move. Obviously, the TV in living room is not going to get up and swing around, and tilting a phone is simply that, just tilting. By placing the screen at the end of the gun the game really seems to flow out of the fourth wall and into our physical reality.

A few gripes I initially have about this project is that there are still no physical buttons other than the trigger and the tablet version is looking to retail for north of $120. One hand has to remain at the front of the gun to operate specific actions which makes the gun only a solution for half the problem when it could have taken care of it all quite easily. Unfortunately, the price tag will scare off fans as they could go out and buy two full fledged console FPS discs at a similar cost. Judging from the video the toy SMG is very well constructed but I still have a hard time justifying this.

All this being said I do feel that there is most definitely a market for the OG AppShooter and seeing as they are still very new to KickStarter be sure to check them out and give them a good kick-start, they certainly deserve it.