The Chicken Bandit Review

The Chicken Bandit Review

Oct 15, 2012

The Chicken Bandit takes the old Western theme and puts it into a game where the main character writes a chicken to rob trains. If that doesn’t sound fun, I don’t know what does. The Chicken Bandit starts out with a little bit of tutorial. The controls use a combination of tilting Android device in the direction the bandit needs to run and dragging and tapping on the screen.

himAs the bandit is running alongside the train, there are open windows and doors with valuable items being shown. Sometimes these windows also have a shooting robot cowboys in them. Other windows and doors are closed. There may still be valuable items behind them, seeing a closed window just means the bad it needs to shoot it open or use dynamite.

When trying to nab some of the valuable items, the bandit uses a combination of a gun and a lasso. The gun is the first weapon available to the bandit is used to shoot the robot cowboys and also to blast open windows and doors. The lasso is used to snag items. As the bandits running by, drag a finger from the bandit to the item and he will throw a lasso around the item. To reel them back in, tap the item a few times and the bandit will reel the item back in.

The game’s progression will bring other weapons to help The Chicken Bandit. Dynamite is later used to help blow open larger doors. Using the money stolen, upgrades are able to be purchased.

Like any good game, at the end of the stage is a “Big Boss” to fight. By the time the end of this stage is reached, there should be a few add-ons and other skills available to help knock the boss down a peg or two. One other cool thing expected in every old West game, is a shootout. The Chicken Bandit also has Quick Draw duels.