On A Loop Review

On A Loop Review

Sep 15, 2014

On A Loop is one of those game I did not know what to expect from, but quickly turned into one of my favorite games on Android. Man, this game is clever.

This is one of the most clever puzzle games I have ever played. And looking at my app history and my score on the puzzle genre my Google+ profile, I realised that I have been playing a lot of puzzle games on my Android phones. On A Loop has a very simple gameplay mechanice that forces players into thinking a billion steps ahead of their move, calculating every possible outcome there is on the action he is about to take. Well, sounds a bit dramatic, but that is how I felt.


In On A Loop, players get tasked with making sure the black object, shaped in basic forms like a triangle, block or circle, becomes white. To do so, they must press and hold the object on screen, keeping an eye on the little black bar that has to make a number of circles to complete the players goal. But beware: when that little black bar touches anything, like objects that are hanging still or moving or even other black bars, the almost white shape will turn black again.

That means that players will need to start over with a new strategy in mind, because, clearly, the previous one did not succeed. One can argue that holding the shape and letting it go randomly can lead to a victory, but that’s bullocks. If something like that happens, that player must be very lucky in life and I would recommend buying a lottery ticket in order to cash in on that luck. Because let me tell you: in order to finish this game, you do need to plan ahead.

That means players’ll have to decide the correct speed that black bar will need in order to complete his rounds, while not touching anything. It is really addictive and the mechanic is genius. The only downside to me is that when I put my finger on screen, I could not always see that bar, so sometimes I’d had to let go to see what would happen. And than it always ends up bad. So yeah, if one is looking for a challenging, yet very relaxing puzzle game, go and download On A Loop. It’s well worth your time.