Jul 5, 2016

Let it not ever be said that Android Rundown doesn’t get involved in world discourse. Yes, our main focus is everything Android, but we’ve been known to get serious a time or two.

At least, we think so…

Take the world-changing knows that UK voters have decided to leave the European Union. Serious stuff on so many levels.brex3 Well, we’ve decided to give our input.

Here is our very own BREXIT review.

Like the real life issue, BREXIT is all about doing one’s own thing, no matter what everyone else is doing, and looking to do it well. It encompasses everything good and bad about going against the crowd.

The gameplay and source concept is simple: the player mans a vehicle that resolutely insists on left hand drive; this creates potential catastrophe, as this means the vehicle is going upstream against two lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction.

Uh oh…

The control mechanism is as intuitive as it gets. All one has to do is tap either side of the screen, and the vehicle jumps to the side of the screen touched. Thus, if one wants to avoid a car coming in the leftmost lane, one taps the right side, and then the opposite side to do the reverse. The trick is in the deftness of fingers, because the further one goes, the trickier the gameplay gets. It speeds up, and then the game cars start doing funky things like switching lanes mid-pass.

The graphics are simply laid out, with gentle colors and easy sounds. The animations feel a bit laggy, but that doesn’t necessarily distract from the game. Looks-wise, the game mostly gets the job of framing the gameplay done.

Alas, it is a lot of the same. The game doesn’t stray too much from its core action, and much like its source material, this cuts both ways. If anything, the game is perfect for small, furtive moments of free time… and thats okay.

Finally, consider this: the game distance is measured in metric units by default. That says it all.

BREXIT encourages one to do one’s own thing.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Android Version Announced for This Summer

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Android Version Announced for This Summer

May 7, 2014

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 launched a few weeks ago on iOS, but Android owners will soon get to play the latest edition of the popular theme park management series this summer. The game launched as a paid game on iOS but with a variety of microtransactions, for which Atari and On5 received much criticism. However, the iOS version is being rebalanced with lower costs and shorter wait timers, so Android users can hope for a better launch experience than iOS.