BaconReader for Reddit Review

BaconReader for Reddit Review

Jan 29, 2013

It’s a fact: reddit is where it’s at. As the so-called “front page of the internet,” reddit is the bulletin board of the 21st Century, packing in news, entertainment and everything in between… and beyond.

It’s only natural that reddit has naturally become the go-to mobile resource for, well, everybody. In this light, mobile clients like BaconReader are very welcome on Android.

BaconReader for Reddit collates most of the reddit experience for Android devices, serving as a bridge for Android redditors worldwide. To understand BaconReader, it helps to understand how it brings reddit features to the table.

The app interface is quite clean, with minimalist touches to the menu and reader. With grayish blue and white being the default color, there was the option to pick two other themes, which are just as easy on the eyes. Additionally, the app has five different fonts, ranging from “extra small” to “extra large.” I can also toggle full-screen mode if I so choose.

Usability is a big factor, and I thought BaconReader did well in this aspect. It allowed me to customize search option and default subreddit. I could also hide read posts, dabble in notifications and pick a refresh interval. I thought the settings menu was fairly thorough and worked well to streamline within Android guidelines. It worked will with pictures and even .gifs. The Search functionality also worked well, allowing me to find subreddits discussing even obscure stuff. The app’s Front Page precisely matched the info on the webpage opened up on my laptop, and I was able to share thread links using other apps on my device. I was also able to manage threads and reply to them using the app.

Chalk BaconReader up as another one of those forum clients that I actually almost prefer to using than the full-fledged web portal. Why not? It’s clean, functional, and quite faithful to the premise of reddit.

ChannelCaster Brings Together Web Sites and Social Media for News Delivery

ChannelCaster Brings Together Web Sites and Social Media for News Delivery

Sep 21, 2011

OneLouder Apps are expanding beyond their range of traditional Twitter and Facebook clients; recently, they’ve started launching apps for browsing through content posted on social media and the web as a whole, with SportCaster and now their newest app, ChannelCaster. this app is designed to aggregate content for users that is located in specific channels for users to browse.

The app contains a variety of curated channels right from the outset covering a variety of topics. Users can then search for other “Tier 1” channels consisting of curated content from a variety of sources, including site RSS and Twitter feeds. My favorite channel? “Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things.” These channels can be added to the main screen of the app for browsing at a later date.

However, the most powerful feature of the app is the ability for users to build their own channels. By combining web searches, Twitter feeds, and RSS feeds, they can build their own channels with the relevant content that they want to see. For example, I created a channel for Texas Rangers tweets and sites that displays information from the people that I consider relevant to the team. It is possible to share these channels publicly within the app as well. RSS feeds can be searched from within the app, though it is possible to manually add RSS feed URLs below by copy and pasting them in to the app when building channels.

This app serves as a conduit to the vast amount of information available on the internet, and tries to find ways to pare it down and focus it to display as much relevant information as possible. While this is a practically impossible task, ChannelCaster tackles a lot of the issue in an interesting way, and offers users remedies for getting the information they want in the way they want, as well as discovering new sources through the channels provided by the app. ChannelCaster is available now as a free download.