Drisk Review

Drisk Review

Aug 2, 2013

Remember playing the board game Risk back in the day? If so, I bet one of those memories is how long it took to play the game. In fact, it took almost as long if not longer as a good game of Monopoly. Well, the makers of Drisk came up with a game really similar to Risk but won’t take 6 months to play a full game.

Starting out with Drisk, there will be the choice to play a local game or an online game. When playing a local game, the number pf players can be selected as well as if they are actual people or computer players. When playing online, the sign in is done through a Scoreloop account. This is mandatory to play online.

To get the hang of the game, it’s a good idea to watch the tutorial. It goes pretty quick but it gives you a basic idea of how the controls work. If any questions arise, take a look at the help button on the main menu screen to hopefully answer them.

drisk-6Drisk has about 30 maps to choose from some are more broad than others. A fun one is playing just the USA. The overall idea is to conquer all of the states. Some of the other maps are the entire world. The idea is the same through every map and regardless of the number of players… conquer the entire map.

Initially the plan is to reinforce the areas currently held, be it a state or country. The number of areas currently held will determine how many reinforcement troops are available. Once the reinforcements are settled, it’s time to attack the surrounding territories. There needs to be at least one more troop in a territory held than the one about to be attacked.

Once the attacks complete, there’s the chance to move around troops to fortify other areas that might be weaker and possibly be conquered on a player’s next turn. Once the areas are fortified, it’s time to end the turn by swiping over to done.

The controls are tapping and dragging. There really isn’t that much to them. One thing that’s easy to forget is the cards available.

Playing a game with three computer players and myself took about 20 minutes.

[Update] Pocket Legends Coming to Android

[Update] Pocket Legends Coming to Android

Oct 1, 2010

Update 11/18: Pocket Legends Official [Contest]

Update 11/10: Pocket Legends Open Beta now available

Pocket Lengends for Android

Update 10/29: Pocket Legends closed beta announcement:

Announcing Pocket Legends Android Closed Beta

Spacetime Studios is excited to announce the closed beta of the Android client for Pocket Legends. We are looking for a pool of about 50 testers to help us test the Android client before it is released near the end of this year. We will be looking for a wide variety of devices and configurations. Testers will be responsible for identifying and reporting issues to the development team.

The initial phase of beta will be limited to existing Pocket Legends players and forum users that have purchased Platinum. We want people already familiar with the game to be able to compare functionality with their existing iDevice.

If you meet the criteria and wish to help, please email support(at)spacetimestudios.com with the subject line [Android Beta] and the following information:

1) Name
2) Email address (which must match your Pocket Legends account email address)
3) What is your character name, and how long have you been playing Pocket Legends?
4) Forum name (so we can give access to protected forums)
5) Primary Apple Device Model (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)
6) Android Device Model, OS Version, Device Id (the Android client will be locked to your device)
7) A little background information about yourself and why you think you’ll be able to help us.

Testers will be notified via email of acceptance and further instructions.

Please do not ask to be in the beta in this thread.



Link: Spacetime Studios Forums -End Update-

Spacetime Studios, creators of the popular iOS MMO game “Pocket Legends” is gearing up for some serious cross platform support. The rising popularity of MMO mobile games, specifically “Pocket Legends” has managed to catch the eyes of New York venture capital firm Insight Venture Partners. They announced they would be funding further development of Spacetime Studio’s technology platform along with new functionality and enhancements.

Armed with this new capital, Spacetime Studios is planning to bring “Pocket Legends” to the Android and PC markets in the very near future. CEO, Gary Gattishas stated that:

“Providing players, no matter where they are, with a single deep, seamless 3D MMO gaming experience on multiple devices has been a dream of ours since the company was founded.”

This pioneering venture will open the doors to unlimited possibilities.

“In the near future, it will be possible to be on the bus in California with your iPhone, playing with someone in a park in France on their Android device, and both be playing in the same server set with someone in South Korea on their PC.” said Anthony L. Sommers, co-founder and CTO of Spacetime Studios

Pretty darn awesome when you think about it. I predict there will be a booming trend coming in this mobile multiplayer gaming market and it turns out the guys at the forefront realize this too. Not only will they be enhancing their own MMO series but they plan on licensing the technology behind “Pocket Legends,” allowing other developers to create their own games. The mobile gaming industry seems to be traveling at light speed and I for one am tickled pink thinking about the possibilities in store for us.

If you haven’t yet heard of “Pocket Legends” I suggest you head over to the Spacetime Studios site and check out the videos and forums. You can also check out sister site The Portable Gamer’s review right here as well. With the immense popularity of previous MMO games such as “World Of Warcraft,” I feel that taking this genre into the mobile platform is the logical step to take.

Source: BusinessWire