Upcoming Game ‘Scatterfly’ Gets Firm Release Date

Upcoming Game ‘Scatterfly’ Gets Firm Release Date

Jul 25, 2016

We’ve been keeping an eye out on Scatterfly, the upcoming game from Levitating Frog; we hear the open beta is going well, and the game is set for an August 1st launch.

Yep, that means we should be able to get our hands on the game next week!

Game features:

– 4 worlds with unique graphic styles
– 3 modes: for kids, standard and survival
– 20 standard levels and 12 endless survival levels
– 152 items to collect
– leaderboards and achievements

Impatient? The open beta is still available here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.levitatingfrog.scatterfly

Of course we have a trailer:

Remember, August 1st is the day.

[via Scatterfly press page]

Scatterfly Goes Into Open Beta

Scatterfly Goes Into Open Beta

Jul 3, 2016

Scatterfly is an upcoming game about butterflies from development house Levitating Frog, and it is now in open beta.

Game details (per the game web page):

Scatterfly is very female-friendly game about butterflies and flowers. Spider included. The player has to save the butterflies by tapping them to make them fly before the spider catches them. In the end of each level the player can get a prize trapped in cocoon. There are 152 items to collect.


– female friendly, best butterfly game in the market
– simple and funny game play
– 4 worlds with unique graphic styles
– 20 standard levels + 12 survival levels
– 152 items to collect
– 2 rare butterflies to be found in each level
– leader boards (optional, google play games required)
– achievements (optional, google play games required)
– special mode for children
– standard mode for more experienced players
– survival mode to compare your skill with other players

Folks interested in getting in in the beta can sign up here. The trailer is below:

[via Scatterfly website]

Major Magnet Arcade Coming Soon to Android, Now in Open Beta

Major Magnet Arcade Coming Soon to Android, Now in Open Beta

Mar 31, 2014

PagodaWest Games, creators of the gorgeous Major Magnet, are following up their Sonic-inspired, magnet-based platformer with Major Magnet Arcade, a free-to-play take on the game — and now Android gamers will get to enjoy it.

The gameplay is familiar to the iOS-exclusive original: players tap on magnets to spin around them, tapping them to launch off, and tapping other magnets to start spinning around them, using angular momentum to get around. Collecting orbs that increase score and the multiplier are important: this version is about high scores, and completing a set of five levels consecutively with as high a score as possible. The game does make clear when players have gotten a perfect multiplier, which helps — getting it on all five in a row is a challenge.


There’s an energy system for continues, it seems, and currency for buying powerups, though PagodaWest has indicated that the game will try to be as unobtrusive as popular. The game is currently in a quasi-soft-launch/open-beta phase, and players can join the beta right now if they choose by joining this Google+ community. The game should be available soon. Check out footage of the beta (which is not finalized, and things may still be tweaked) below.