Fieldrunners HD Review

Fieldrunners HD Review

Aug 15, 2011

Fieldrunners HD is an open-field tower defense game, meaning that the enemies are trying to get from point A to point B, and will take the quickest route to get there. As such, the player must try to construct the most convoluted route for the enemies, so they can take the most damage from the towers in their path, hopefully killing them before they reach the base. This is an HD re-release of the Fieldrunners game, featuring redone and redrawn artwork, optimized for high-resolution phones and tablet screens.

The game does look great on tablets, wand I’m not just referring to the artwork, which does look good on high-resolution screens. The game makes great use of widescreen 1280×800 screens, and is a great title to show off the tablet with. Fieldrunners is one of the originators of the open-field tower defense genre, and it’s still one of the better ones. It requires a bit more creativity than the traditional fixed-path tower defense gameplay provides. As well, the multiple maps will mean plenty of gameplay length to be had from the game.

Fieldrunners HD is a re-release of a game that’s several years old at this point, and is available on many platforms already, so it’s not a new game at all. Now, to unlock the Extended and Endless modes, 100 waves have to be survived. On the first level, this takes about an hour to do. This is very long and drawn out, and well past the point where it’s actually fun any more. Frankly, I only stuck around because I wanted to see if I could actually do it. Actual interest would have led me elsewhere. If the sessions were shorter and more difficult, that would be far more entertaining, and far more portable-friendly. On tablet resolution, it’s not possible to zoom in very far, which can make it hard to put units on the bottom squares of the map, because the “buy” button is slightly obscured by the unit buying controls at the bottom.

Fieldrunners HD’s appeal will largely be to tablet owners and to those who still are not entirely experienced with this game that’s existed on a variety of mobile platforms for years. This is still a solid open-field tower defense game, though.