WarGames: WOPR Review

WarGames: WOPR Review

Sep 28, 2012

Remember the movie WarGames in the mid-80s? The one where the kid hacks into the computer mainframe and starts playing games with the computer only to realize it’s a learning computer? In WarGames: WOPR, the player is the computer fighting off that young hacker.

aWarGames: WOPR pits the hacker against the computer. To play the game, connect multiple icons such as rockets, plus signs or dollar signs in the longest string possible. Different icons have different effects. For example stringing together rockets will attack the hacker or enemy at the time. Stringing together multiple dollar signs will put money in the bank. When the enemy attacks, put together a string of plus signs to regain health.

WarGames: WOPR has 40+ levels. This is the official game of the movie so the storyline is similar to the movie. as the game progresses, different tactics and mods are gained to create a more powerful character. Each of the upgrades has different levels to make it more powerful.

To use the tactics, it costs money. so make sure and collect the dollar signs when available. The first tactic earned is a rocket. When used, all of the rockets on the screen are launched at the enemy regardless of their placement. They don’t need to be strung together or even near eachother on the grid. When a long string is put together, occasionally an additional reward is given. The reward may be health or extra damage to the opponent.

When a level is completed, more RAM is rewarded. If desired, more RAM can be purchased with actual money through the in game purchasing system. the RAM is used to purchase upgrades for weapons and modifications. One of the modifications available is gaining money for each turn. This upgrade costs 250 kB.

Overall the game follows the movie pretty well. It’s a little different than I thought it would be but it is still a strategy game and fun for a wide range of ages.