Sparkle Unleashed Review

Sparkle Unleashed Review

May 13, 2014

Sparkle Unleashed is all about saving the world, one orb at a time.

The premise is relatively simple: there is an evil darkness that is overcoming the land. The only way it can be slowed down and combated is through the power of match-three orb technique.

To explain, the playing area needs to be understood; it is usually a windy path that snakes its way from the entrance point all the way to the the end point. Along this trail a line of orbs of different colors move, like a train of spherical cars, moving towards the ominous black hole. At the bottom of the playing area is an orb-shooting device that can slide along the bottom. When the playing area is tapped, this device fires an orb in a line to that point.

To stop the structure from reaching the hole, the orbs need to be reduced; this is done by familiar matching mechanism. The idea is to use the shooting device to launch orb and create matching groups of three or more orbs ofsparkle1 the same color, which dissolve and slow down the line. even better, with quick thinking and use of special orbs that can be collected by contact, it is possible to clear the board and beat the level that way. If the line of orbs make it to the black hole, the whole playing area is swamped in darkness, and the level is lost.

Stopping the orb is a delightful challenge though. Aiming looks deceptively easy, till one realizes how carelessness can be costly. The power-ups are easy to understand, and the gameplay flows along nicely. Beyond the first free 23 sections, even more challenges and modes are present, so the game isn’t too short at all. there are levels with multiple lines going at once, which ups the challenge level. The power-ups are fun to discover and implement too.

Unlocking the extra levels ($5.99) might cause folks used to binging on dollar some angst, but the gameplay just might cause one to overlook that. Even without the unlock, it’s easy to fall in love with.

Again and again.