KickStarter Spotlight: Death Road to Canada

KickStarter Spotlight: Death Road to Canada

Sep 4, 2013

While I personally am not a big fan of the whole zombie genera I certainly know plenty who get their fair share of excitement from the hordes of the undead. While not the most realistic end-of-the-world scenario they do seem to be the most popular based on the number of books, movies, TV shows, and games focused on the “forthcoming” zombie apocalypse. Adding to this pile of zombie flavored media is an ambitious KickStarter project that aims to combine the classic gameplay of the Oregon Trail with modern permadeath zombie survival games, and it wraps all this in a badass name: “Death Road to Canada.” The storyline here is simple from afar; drive from Florida to Canada as quickly as possible all-the-while collecting randomly generated companions and going through randomly generated cities.

What makes everything much more interesting is that each character, along with looking different every time, makes realistically rash and selfish decisions throughout the journey that the main player must deal with. This really ensures that each play-through behaves as a completely different animal compared to the previous one; which, I think, will ultimately give Death Road to Canada a surprising amount of replay value. Another feature that will keep players coming back for more is the fact that there is no second life. Death is permanent here, which should have frustrated gamers immediately starting a new game to avenge the loss of their fallen avatars.

In an effort to extend the life of Death Road to Canada, the developers are making a concerted effort to include as many ‘rare’ citizens and events as possible in order to ensure that each play through is not just different from the last, but also includes some scenario that has not been seen before. Personally, this is a huge selling point because if this game can offer a unique but similar gameplay experience every time it will most certainly become a classic game that is synonymous with the best mobile gaming has to offer. This, even though Death Road to Canada is not just a mobile game, the developers are working on versions for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

In conclusion, anyone who is a fan of the undead or just survival games in general should really consider supporting Death Road to Canada at their KickStarter page. I am stoked to see this game in it’s final form and unfortunately my college budget does not allow me to fully fund this project. So get to it internet and help make this game into the reality it deserves.