EA Announces New Social Gaming Service “Origin” and Free Version of Scrabble for Android

EA Announces New Social Gaming Service “Origin” and Free Version of Scrabble for Android

Jul 11, 2011

EA has announced recently that they are launching a service called “Origin,” named after a defunct developer that they used to own. The facets of this service are slowly being revealed, as EA has announced that they will sell PC games through the service; now they have revealed that it will also serve as a social gaming service for EA games. This feature will be coming to not just PC, but it will also hit Android along with iOS.

Most exciting for Android users is the news that Scrabble will be releasing for Android this week with Origin support. As well, it will come with cross-platform multiplayer support between iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Facebook versions of the game. It will be a free download on Android, as well. Shift 2, a spinoff of the Need for Speed series, will support Origin as well when it launches soon on iOS, and will offer in-game rewards for players who use Origin. There’s no word if the game will launch on Android as well, though the first Shift game was released on Android, so it could be reasonably expected that at some point the game will be seen on Android as well.

The benefits of another social gaming service on iOS are seemingly limited because of Game Center providing similar friends/leaderboards/achievements/matchmaking functionality, and EA games do not use Game Center on iOS at all. On Android these social gaming features are all provided As well, the crossplatform benefits are quite obvious, especially if this is something where users could conceivably play their games wherever they want to, whenever they want to. Hypothetically, someone could play their Scrabble games on their Android phone while on the go, on their computer while they work, and on their iPad when sitting on their couch. Game saves will seemingly work in the same way, and hopefully this should also lead to shared achievements, and the ability to compete against players on other platforms on leaderboards.

Origin should launch soon, with Scrabble for Android launching this week. For more details on Origin and what it entails, watch the live stream of EA’s Summer Showcase.

Source: Joystiq