Beyond Space Review

Beyond Space Review

Apr 3, 2014

Space cowboys take heed: Beyond Space is here.

The gameplay is quite engaging. The tutorial is a mission in and of itself, replete with instruction and back and forth dialogue. It shows the basics of flying, dogfighting and more. Controlling the space fighter is a matter of using one of the options provided: tilt or virtual joystick. There is a frontal radar system, and spot buttons for shooting and afterburnrs to the right of the screen. There is also gesture-based controls for evasive and tactical maneuvering like rolling and U-turns, and vitality meters at the top left.

The tutorial goes on to show how to bring all these parts together, and I found it to be a pretty fun affair. Finishing the tutorial by successfully completing the tasks given leads the main missions.

A lot of the missions involve making it to waypoints, but of course there are enemy distractions. The radar is all inclusive, showing green dots for friendlies and red for bogeys. The dogfights involve running and gunning while bey1dodging enemy fire. The alert system is pretty slick, with a color alert ominously showing up that signifies there is a missile coming in. This is where the speed boosts, barrel rolls and spins become especially useful. In the end, it’s a war of attrition, and the better shooting pilot wins. The Hangar serves at the game shop, with several aircraft, weapons, defenses and boosts that can be unlocked and used via progress.

The artwork is well done, with dark colors and 3D visualizations that do a good job of conveying the the vast reaches of space, with floating debris, swooping spacecraft and explosive collisions.

I like that the game comes with three types of difficulty, and I am obviously a fan of the tutorial. The cutscene conversations are cheeky, if a teeny bit cheesy, but the game is fun and engaging overall.

Beyond Space is available on the Play Store for $2.99, and the one-time purchase model increases is attraction.

Overkill Review

Overkill Review

Feb 21, 2011

I remember one fateful childhood Christmas morning when I opened my new copy of Super R-Type for the SNES. On that day, my love of side scrolling shooters was born, and ever since, I have indulged in games in that genre on every gaming device I’ve owned. That being the case, Overkill should have been one of my favorite Android games; unfortunately, it just didn’t fit the bill.

Let’s start with what Overkill does right. Visually, this game is excellent. The backgrounds are great looking, and the ships and asteroids you encounter have a unique style to them. Even the menus are great looking, and easy to navigate. The sound design does a great job of complimenting the visual style in this game as well. Speaking strictly to Overkill’s presentation, it does everything right.