Overlive Review

Overlive Review

Jan 17, 2014

Overlive casts the player as one of the few survivors of an almost total zombie apocalypse. Hiding out in a ruined apartment Overlive is all about striking out randomly, finding better weapons and supplies and ultimately finding a way out of the ruined city, while maybe discovering what’s really happening on the way.

The star of Overlive is its story, the game is text based and there are loads of great moments and surprises, such as the extremely graphic ways violence is described and the depictions of the sheer desolation of a zombie apocalypse. Whenever it’s eating icecream while a dead family is in the next room, to holding a sobbing woman as she slowly bleeds to death, the game is riddled with passages that won’t be forgotten for a long time. Overlive’s sense of humour and self-awareness makes it very fun to read. Indeed it is as much like a gamebook as it is a true RPG.

Screenshot_2014-01-14-02-32-45Overlive has an extensive branching plot system where there is a choice to just about everything in the game. For a locked door for example you might blow it up, pick it or even have the key from a previous event. Things like restoring power in one area can have ramifications in other, seemingly unrelated areas later on. The branching paths do an excellent job of giving the player freedom on how to handle every siltation. A deep skill system also controls what the player can and cannot do and skills can be improved via training to access new areas or events.

Exploration in Overlive takes the form of a screen full of lock icons. Available locks are blue and as events are handled in certain ways new locks unlock, representing the player’s progress into an area. For example unlocking a door or hacking a computer will make other locks available as the character now has access to that area and so on. Very often, things in later areas must be done to fully explore earlier areas, giving more choice on what to do next.

Screenshot_2014-01-15-01-07-03Overlive has plenty of combat and it is handed in typical RPG style. Tapping on an enemy shoots them, while swiping uses melee weapons. Explosives can also be used to blast zombies into fleshy bits. Combat is satisfying and the excellent zombie graphics really give it some flair.

Overlive has a ton of longevity. The game just has so many ways of being played and so many endings that multiple playthroughs are a joy to see what you missed. The inventive plot and great dialogue really motivate the player to see everything it has to offer.

About the only downside is that players who dislike a lot of reading won’t enjoy it. Players who love to experience the lore of a world and just love to read great plots will be in heaven however.

Overlive is an excellent game with real wit and impact and a great story. Anyone who loves a good read or RPG will have a ball with Overlive.