Gold Rush Sim 1849 Receives Silver-Themed Expansion Pack

Gold Rush Sim 1849 Receives Silver-Themed Expansion Pack

Sep 18, 2014

1849, a simulation game based on the Gold Rush of the 19th Century, has just received a new expansion pack. The new pack, named Nevada Silver, expands the game on a different prospecting track.

About 1849: Nevada Silver
The original 1849 puts players in the well-worn boots of a true forty-niner — building, managing, and mining twenty towns clustered in California’s iconic Gold Country. Story mode challenges players to complete self-contained scenarios, while an endless Sandbox mode invites marathon open-ended play.*

The new 1849: Nevada Silver expansion pack carries the simulation into neighboring Nevada to present six challenging new scenarios set during the Comstock Silver Rush, ten years after the Gold Rush kicked off in California. With trains moving goods between distant cities, steam-powered mills boosting production, and more complex mining processes yielding deeply hidden riches, 1849: Nevada Silver expands on 1849’s addictive gameplay to provide even more challenge on a bustling new frontier.

*At launch, the mobile versions of 1849 only had Story mode. Sandbox mode has since been added in a free update, meaning both Story and Sandbox mode are now included on all platforms.

The game itself is available for $4.99; the expansion pack is an extra $1.99 via in-app purchase.