Paper Bees Review

Paper Bees Review

Aug 16, 2012

Remember games like Galaga and Space Invaders? If not the games themselves, then that style of game where things attack from above and they need to be taken out before they hit their target? Paper Bees is that.

Paper Bees starts off a little slow, but really speeds up after a couple of levels. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. Using a little swipe of a finger, the bees are flung toward the attacking insects. Most of the attacking bugs are destroyed in one hit. The big beetle looking bugs with the pinchers will take a couple of hits before they will be defeated.

Each of the player controlled bees has a flower to protect. In the middle of the game screen is a hive to protect as well. The bigger attacking bugs go right toward the hive while the others go for the flowers. Some levels have quite a few fast moving attackers on the screen at one time so aiming well is important. When the target is completely missed, the bees go totally off the screen and reenter across the bottom. This can take a few seconds so make sure to hit the mean bugs or they may get the flowers and hive.

A few levels into the game an upgrade is available. A big bee slowly flies across the screen. By tapping on this big bee, the player controlled bees are super sized like Mario when he eats the mushroom to make him grow. Each time the player controlled bee hits an attacking bee, the player’s bee shrinks a little. After a few attacks, the bee is normal sized again.

Even when the attacking insects get to the hive or flower, all is not lost. Both can take a couple of hits before the level is over. Part of the score is based on the number of petals and how much of the hive are left.