Paper Galaxy Review

Paper Galaxy Review

Feb 11, 2013

There’s a lot of paper-themed apps and games on the Play Store these days. When I first reviewed Paper Monsters, I understood the visual appeal and “cute” factor that has so many gamers enamored. Paper Galaxy is a great and welcome addition to this paper-themed genre. It’s essentially a jumping game set in outer space, with planets as platforms and a small moon as the hero.

Like Temple Run and other more popular running games, the goal is to beat your highest score (or farthest distance). The conflict is that evil monster hot on your trail. You’ll need to orbit and bounce off planets and other heavenly bodies to push up and go as far away from the monster as possible.

Game controls are as simple as tapping once to bounce off planets and double-tapping to Super Sneeze — which accelerates the hero even without orbiting a planet. Super Sneezes can be bought, along with other special abilities.

Orbiting planets help you gather stars along the way, which is the game’s currency. Use these stars to buy special powers from the store. Some planets have their own little qualities — others have lots of stars while others may spin you faster. While these help you go forward, there are also things you should avoid such as the sun and black holes — both of which are bad news. The sun scorches you and black holes make the monster move towards you faster.

To help you on your quest for zooming through the galaxy, there are missions lined up for you to accomplish. Once these are done, you are rewarded with stars which you can then add to your collection. These missions may be as simple as getting scorched by the sun, or something more complicated as orbiting specific planets for x number of times.

That’s pretty much it. There’s not much to this game than to bounce off planets and go as far as you can. The visual value, however, is worth every second you spend on it. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, and the subtly magical animations are top notch. Sound effects also put you in a zen-like trance while you tap away from planet to planet.

For those who like paper-inspired graphics, Paper Galaxy is a treat. Great for casual gaming, I love that it can be played with one hand. Again, the major appeal is in the crafty graphics and animation — something that’s similar to ClayJam and Paper Monsters. This makes the game excellent for toddlers or young children, but adults may themselves playing a few rounds, too.