Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Adds Three New Games

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Adds Three New Games

Apr 23, 2014

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 has gotten its standard halfway-through content addition for those who pay above the average, currently $5.26. The added games are Paper Monsters from Crescent Moon Games, the original R-TYPE (to go along with the sequel in the bundle) from DotEmu, and Enviro-Bear 2010 from Realistic Summer Sports Simulator and No Brakes Valet creator Captain Games. The bundle ends on April 29th.

Get Paper Monsters for no Paper Whatsoever

Get Paper Monsters for no Paper Whatsoever

Jan 13, 2014

Has the idea of Paper Monsters been enticing, but the exorbitant cost proven to be too much? Well Crescent Moon Games has good new for you, as [they have just published Paper Monsters! to Google Play( What’s the big difference? Now the game is available in a free ad-supported fashion. The additional exclamation point in the title is free too. Now, it’s possible to peruse this papercraft platformer without ponying up any pennies.

Paper Monsters Review

Paper Monsters is a 2D platformer made in a beautifully crafted 3D world. As paper-themed games are a dime a dozen, this one is an absolute stand out and one of the best there is in its category. Detailed graphics, simple game play and smooth controls all make for a pleasant and engaging game time.

In Paper Monsters, the hero is a little paper robot making his way through the paths of collectible buttons and paper clips while jumping on monsters and bombs. Buttons serve as the point system and are classified into silver or gold. Gold ones are obviously more valuable, thus scarce and difficult to reach. Paper clips offer bonus points when collected throughout the game. As one reaches a certain part of a level, an area is tagged with a pinwheel, indicating a jump-off point should the hero die and has to start over. This is pretty neat, since one doesn’t have to start at the very beginning, wasting precious time and energy. There are four worlds, presented as chapters, with four levels for each. Finishing all levels unlocks a mini-game section.

The game can be played by using two control types: virtual joystick and classic touch pad. Virtual joystick allows the players to swipe his thumb left or right to move the hero forward or backward, while classic touch pad provides arrow buttons to press for the same purpose. This is strictly a matter of preference, but as I used both controls, I find there is not much issue with its responsiveness. Jumping is done by tapping on the right side of the screen, and double-jumps are done by tapping twice. Using these two controls together work in sync and gets the desired results with no fuss.

The most impressive thing, I feel, about this game is its use of background areas for another part of game environment. The hero can go in tunnels and reappear further in the background, go through collectibles and return to the foreground by going through another tunnel. This makes all the difference, making the game even more engaging and avoiding the pitfalls of a dry and repetitive platformer.

Above all, the sheer imagery and intricate world designed for the game is outstanding. Graphics are crisp, bright and beautifully rendered. For something that costs a measly $0.99, it’s a rare steal and a must-have. There’s also no need for in-game purchases, as the only thing that can cost real money is for dressing up the hero, which really doesn’t add any abilities and is for aesthetic purposes only. This way, there is no need to pay for anything to be able to keep playing the game.

Paper Monsters is an excellent game that’s entertaining and visually rewarding. For its price, it brings you a lot of value where other games fall short. It has everything one would want from a platformer, even for novices who prefer a casual gaming environment and more advanced players who are looking for a more interesting take on the platformer genre.

Crescent Moon Games to Release Games for Android

Crescent Moon Games to Release Games for Android

Jun 27, 2012

Long-time iOS publisher Crescent Moon Games is making the jump to Android very soon. They will be releasing three games initially to the Amazon Appstore: the catapult game Siegecraft, the open-world RPG Aralon: Sword and Shadow, and papercraft platformer Paper Monsters. Siegecraft was already released on Google Play, self-published by Blowfish Studios, but Crescent Moon will be publishing the Amazon Appstore version. The Crescent Moon-published titles will be exclusive to the Amazon Appstore, for purposes of trying to build a following on Android initially on that store. Over time, Crescent Moon could expand their portfolio to Google Play. For now, the games will just release on Amazon’s store.

While the games will support the Kindle Fire, they will not be exclusive to the device, so any Android user whose phone works with the game can buy it. Other titles could make their way down the pipeline depending on the success of the first batch of titles, though there is nothing to officially confirm with the next batch of titles. Aralon has already been submitted, with Siegecraft and Paper Monsters planned to be submitted in the next week, so the games should be hopefully showing up very soon.