Paper Tower Defense Review

Paper Tower Defense Review

Jun 17, 2011

Over the course of the past year or so, a lot of tower defense games have made their way to the Android Market. And why not? The touch screen controls offered by Android devices, and the wave-based, bite-sized nature of tower defense gameplay fit very nicely together. With so many competitors in the TD genre, any new entry has to take some steps to set itself apart from the crowd in one way or another, whether that be through unique towers, refined controls, or great level design. Paper Tower Defense attempts to set itself apart by being extremely challenging, and it can be challenging, just not for the right reasons.

Paper Tower Defense puts the enemies on a fixed path, or fixed paths and allows the player to build towers anywhere else on the map. In the early levels, it’s easy to choose the right places to put towers, but as the paths get more complex, putting the right tower in the right place becomes a bit more challenging. You’ll have to pay careful attention to which type of enemy is coming next, and replace ineffective towers with better choices during each new wave. Unfortunately, those waves come very close together, leaving you very little time to think out your strategy, and plan for what’s coming next.

The short time between waves is made all the shorter by buggy controls. Towers seldom wind up in the spot you think you’re placing them. Once you remove your finger from the screen, the tower tends to hop one square away from where you intended to put it, thus forcing you to sell it, and buy a replacement. The short time between waves when combined with the twitchy controls often leaves you unprepared for the enemies when they start marching through the map.

Paper Tower Defense also lacks in terms of presentation. The graphics are overly simple, even for a mobile tower defense game, there’s currently no sound in the game, and the paid version still has ads in it.

If you can forgive Paper Tower Defense for its twitchy controls, you’ll find a challenging tower defense game worth checking out. If you bought the full version, there’s no reason the developer should bombard you with ads.

If you can get past its flaws, you’ll find a challenging tower defense game buried deep within Paper Tower Defense. With the gameplay and presentation being what they are, you’ll probably want to check out the lite version before spending money on this game.