Parallel Zombies Review

Parallel Zombies Review

Nov 8, 2012

Apocalpyse again…

I will never tire of zombie titles. There is something to be said for annihilating flesh eaters, and in handheld gaming, ’tis the season. The influx of games in this genre means that the ones worth playing tend to be really, really good to make the cut. Perblue, with its Parallel Zombies, definitely wants the crown, what with its foray into joining destruction of the Undead with MMO gameplay.

On paper, I thought it was a novel concept. The only thing better than splattering zombies is being able to share in the fun with others. Making it mobile is the ultimate cherry on top. Thus, I was quite intrigued going into this review.

Showing that zombies are no discriminators, the first option for my character was to pick gender. I was also able to customize my game character down to mouth style (or you could randomize the face). I was tempted to go for Sisqo blonde, but resisted the urge. Next, I picked occupation for the choices of soldier, hunter and doctor, and then picked a name. Voila. Off to battle zombies.

The intro cutscene hinted at the horrors to be beheld. The music was appropriate, and the storyline useably brief as I made it to the tutorial and rendezvous with Kate. The graphics were quite unexpected. While some will take pause with the ungainly size when compared to background, there was a certain elegance to it. Control-wise, I made use of two thumbs: one to maneuver, and the other to attack the marauding zombies with whatever weapon (i.e saw, gun, etc) that was handy. I had the requisite damage meter, and dying zombies sometimes left valuable health packs, which I “picked” up by going over the health packs with my character.

The gameplay was what was to be expected: plenty of zombies to kill, based off of missions like defending a house. Getting through missions garnered me Experience Points. The game actively looked for members to join my team, and I could choose to be notified when teammates were online. I felt the MMO portion was probably the best aspect of the game.

The in-app purchasing functionality was well developed. I saw where I could buy accelerated accumulation of XP, or basics like food and weapons. There were also time-sensitive specials; other features, such as chat, in-game mail and global accomplishment tracking added to the allure of the game.

While the graphics did not put me off, I thought that they could be better. I also though this is the one time a real full tutorial would have helped to let players the goodness therein. All in all, though, this game deserves a look, and it will appeal to plenty of folks.


Parallel Zombies is PerBlue’s Newest Real-World Location MMORPG, Exclusively for Android

Parallel Zombies is PerBlue’s Newest Real-World Location MMORPG, Exclusively for Android

Jun 12, 2012

PerBlue have announced the latest in their Parallel series of games that use real-world locations for virtual-world gameplay. Their newest one, Parallel Zombies, will add some new real-time action elements.

Parallel Zombies is essentially an MMORPG that takes place on Google Maps. There’s a zombie apocalypse, and it’s up to the player to fight off the undead, and to help rescue survivors. The world is made up of real-world locations, just crawling with the brain-hungry hordes.

Parallel Zombies is designed to be more of an action-style game than past titles, where tapping to move to a certain location was the goal. Now players have a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move about the world, with a series of action commands, such as weapon usage and abilities, on the right.

Real-world locations will appear as special mission areas in the game, such as hospitals will appear in the game, and will actually be hospital areas that can be explored, often with people to rescue. These survivors help flesh out the story, but they also give bonuses, and can help out the player by providing things like fast travel spots, to make getting aroudn the map easier.

Zombieland rule #29 is to stick together, and Parallel Zombies allows for just that, with live online multiplayer. Groups can be created that will search for other players who want to team up, and then they can explore either the overworld together, or even go into the missions in map locations. At the end of missions, players will ge to see who did the best in the areas.

Parallel Zombies is currently in testing for release next month, and an interesting wrinkle is that it’s going to be Android-only. Previous titles such as Parallel Mafia were overwhelmingly more popular on Android than iOS at about a 4:1 ratio, so they’ve decided with Parallel Zombies to just focus on releasing for Android. We’ll have more on this promising Android exclusive as it nears release.