SmyleSafe: Parental Controls Review

SmyleSafe: Parental Controls Review

Nov 2, 2012

The web is full of some really unsavory things. Items not meant for children or even the “normal” person. (Said with a shudder.) When there are younger more impressionable people in the picture, making sure some parts of the internet are filtered is essential. SmyleSafe help do just that.

SmyleSafe is a parental control for Android phones (other mobile operating systems also supported). SmyleSafe is a web browser for the kids, gives parents a lot of insight into what the kids are seeing and able to see. First off, SmyleSafe lets the parents see everything the kids are looking at by using the Online Dashboard.

The dashboard will show all of the browser activity. Part of what the parent or administrator will see is the URL, the date and time the site was visited and more. If the site is blocked and it is ok for the child to visit, the URL can be Whitelisted. If the site is not ok but the child can see it, the parent can revoke access via the online dashboard.

A neat feature is the Age-based Filtering. This will let the parent choose the appropriateness of the websites with one setting. Some of the age ranges span several years, so it might be worth it to keep an eye on the URLs visited for a while to make sure the kids are not trying to sneak past boundaries.

Location Tracking and GeoFencing can be another useful feature. Kids are really busy these days with after school activities and friends. And remembering back to my younger days, I know I didn’t always pay attention to the areas my parents told me I could go. With the GeoFencing, if the device leaves the area designated the parent is emailed letting them know the child is on the move.

Because the newer phones are made what they are by the apps downloaded to them, the kids can request apps and sites from the administrator. Also, the Applications Blocking system will not let the kids run apps not appropriate for their age. The parent can also block the Google Play Store all together.

More can be learned at their site – SmyleSafe or the Google Play Store.

KIDO’Z Wants to Make Android Phones Safe For Children

KIDO’Z Wants to Make Android Phones Safe For Children

Oct 17, 2012

Have an Android phone, but don’t feel safe letting little Billy or Sally use it? After all, Android may be powerful, but they could wind up, I don’t know, deleting every important OS file on there. That’s no good for anyone. That’s why KIDO’Z exists: to provide an Android environment that’s safer and won’t corrupt your kids, although their caps-lock title and “ ’Z ” on the end just may. By downloading this app and setting up some parental controls, it replaces the home button’s function on the home screen. It presents an environment for different kids that only lets them run specific, age-appropriate apps, offers a safe browser with only kid-friendly sites, and a selection of Flash-powered games that should be safe as well.

Parents can secure the device with a password, and can quit by entering that password, to return to the land of unfettered app and internet access. Do be warned that on the Galaxy S III, it was possible to call up the notification bar by swiping from the top (a feature cloned from iOS), which could provide a potential escape method from the app for those particularly enterprising kids. Nurture that hacker spirit, though! KIDO’Z is available from Google Play.