Code9 Mobile Keeps Those Misbehaving Kids in Check

Code9 Mobile Keeps Those Misbehaving Kids in Check

Sep 14, 2011

Children are not to be trusted. Even the good ones shouldn’t be completely trusted. I should know, I was one of them. However, with cell phones nowadays, it can be more difficult to tell when they’re up to their mischief. That’s where Code9Mobile steps in.

This service allows parents to monitor their kids’ phones and activity. The biggest feature is SMS monitoring; parents can set up alerts for specific content in text messages, whether they contain threat language, cursing, words that would suggest cheating in school, or other criteria. It is possible to set up specific words in various categories to monitor, with the ability to block messages containing certain content. Statistics on all words can also be tracked.

As well, parents can monitor the time that this activity was taken place at. Parents can set up curfews for certain contacts, so that their messages won’t come through until after the curfew period has expired, as well as whitelists and blacklists to accept and block messages from specific contacts. This is true with phone calls and MMS messages as well. Parents also can track which applications have been installed and uninstalled from the phone, as well as track the GPS location of the phone.

All these services are trackable through Code9’s website, accessible from any web browser. The app is free to download from Android Market, though the service costs $10 per month per phone, though the service comes with a 14-day free trial.

While the morality of this technology may be questionable to some parents as far as trusting their kids goes, there are some kids who should be kept an eye on. All of us adults were kids once, there are some kids who should have an eye kept on them. Should this technology be used with all kids universally? Not at all. But for some children, this could be a great service for parents who could really use the help.