Parking Mania 2: available now.

Parking Mania 2: available now.

May 24, 2017

So… you like a challenge involving cars being parked?

How about a sequel to a a popular game involving cars being parked? Here’s Parking Mania 2.


The player drives different cars throughout the big 3D city and completes various missions to earn money. You can be a taxi driver, or you are working in delivery service, moving cargo and so on. Some missions resemble quests and some require serious driving skills like drift parking or evading obstacles at high speed without losing cargo. The game contain physics and day/night cycles.

Here are some distinctive features:
* Universal app
* Various missions – taxi, delivery and others
* Plenty of vehicles – family cars, sport cars, roadsters, RVs, SUVs and others.
* Day/night cycle
* A real 3D city with its own live traffic

The game is free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer:

Chillingo Announces Nine Compatible Titles With The Samsung Galaxy S4

Chillingo Announces Nine Compatible Titles With The Samsung Galaxy S4

Apr 29, 2013

Chillingo Announces nine titles from its Android catalog that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Players will be able to enjoy Catapult King, Tiny Troopers, Parking Mania, Puzzle Craft, Feed Me Oil, iBomber Defense Pacific, Contre Jour, DrawRace 2, and Robbery Bob.

“Chillingo is proud to have some of our most popular games available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 at launch,” explains Ed Rumley, COO, Chillingo. “The device has stunning new features that pushes game development even further and we’re working closely with our indie partners to bring more fantastic titles to the platform.”


Parking Mania Review

Parking Mania Review

Mar 27, 2013

I love parking games.

Park Mania was an interesting challenge. I liked how the developer strung together the sequences, and how there was a hint of realism in how they played out. They started out gently enough; at first, all I had to do was figure out how to use the accelerometer and movement slider in conjunction (more on controls later) to park a small sedan into an empty space. The aisles were wide, and spacing was liberal.

As the game progressed, the challenge became tougher. The driveways become thinner and maneuverability became more difficult. The parking areas started getting much tougher to get into. I liked the realistic challenges that I started facing: multiple cars, multiple stops, hidden rewards that upped the difficulty level, merging into traffic, sharp turns, bigger vehicles and more. The hidden rewards usually added to my cash haul at the end (I got cash for successfully completing challenges) and some seemed dependent on time. For every level, I had a set number of collisions before I “failed” the parking mission and had to redo the level.

The controls were simple. There was an on-screen forward/reverse pedal that was controlled by dragging. The survival controls were what really stood out.

I liked that there was a myriad of ways to control the vehicles: tilt controls, swipe/drag, virtual steering wheel or via flip controls. Part of the fun was trying out the different controls in difference scenarios. Giving folks options in this regard was a very good design decision in my opinion. In-app purchasing was available to buy attributes, but playing to earn cash was definitely not undo-able.

The graphics were nice and deliberate; the little things gave proof of the developer’s attention to detail. When I looked close enough, I could actually see the tires angle out when I turned, and when driving topless vehicles, the driver sat behind the wheel. The roadways, the barrier cones… even the flash of the headlights: they all tied in very well together.

And that, in a nutshell, is what made this game so much fun: all the pieces tied in well together. Chillingo seems to have a knack for doing this.

Chillingo Making a Move on Android With Seven Titles

Chillingo Making a Move on Android With Seven Titles

Oct 25, 2011

Chillingo has been one of the most prolific publishers over on iOS, lending their support to a variety of independently-developed titles. They also seem to be committed to releasing a new physics puzzler every single week on the App Store. However, their work on Android has been limited thus far to only a few selected titles. This changes starting now, as 7 titles have been announced by Chillingo for Android.

First up is Spider Jack, which was originally released earlier this year for iOS; this game has players controlling the eponymous spider as he tries to collect flies throughout levels. He can grapple to various points in the levels, and collect stars strewn throughout them. It’s similar to Cut the Rope in some ways, but requires a bit more in terms of reaction time. This game is available now.

Office Gamebox is next. This is a 3-in-1 pack, featuring Paper Sniper, where players try to launch paper balls into a wastebasket; Chair Race, where players ride their office chair throughout the hazards of the modern office; Finally there’s Pitch a Penguin where players control a penguin who’s trying to fly as far as possible after launching himself off of the roof of an office. That last one may be stretching the office theme a bit. This is available now from the Android Market.

There’s five other titles announced that will be coming in the future. Parking Mania will turn that most annoying of driving practices, parking, into an actual video game. Three physics puzzlers will be making their way to Android, too: Contre Jour, Roll in the Hole, and Little Lost Chick. Prepare to see stars…and try to collect them! Finally, a title that’s brooding and mysterious and not yet availble on iOS at all: My Vampire Boyfriend. This game will let players tease a virtual vampire boyfriend to turn them, possibly to even gain eternal life. Finally, a game based on my sexy and dangerous life! These games are all “coming soon” and in the case of the latter…not soon enough.