Retro Dreamer Throws Happy Poo at Android Wall, Hopes it Sticks

Retro Dreamer Throws Happy Poo at Android Wall, Hopes it Sticks

Jan 18, 2012

Android is just full of crap. Literally. This is the story of a game developer, who is not having a very good time on Android. Meet Gavin Bowman. He released his studio’s first Android title last week, DoubleTake. Readers will note that we covered the game last week, and it recently was released to the Amazon Appstore as well. The game has not really caught fire yet, as it’s only had about a hundred or so downloads. So, Retro Dreamer have decided to keep trying to draw blood from this stone, and have released a classy new game: Happy Poo – Turd Polisher.

This game has players polishing a smiling brown lump of unknown origin, and it must be vigorously polished until it is shiny and happy. It opens and closes its eyes while it is being polished, and it seems rather happy at the prospect of being polished. Polish that little guy! Try to set a record time! Then, do it again!

According to reviews, players love Happy Poo! It currently has twice as many reviews as DoubleTake, proving that people love this crap! Prophet says “Very good fast-paced gameplay. Could have earned 5* if there were bonuses and powerups” – will their prophecy come true some day? David “had a chuckle at the graphics and thought the presentation was good.” Finally, patcheung says that it makes time spent while playing the game on the toilet go faster! The game was reviewed on the HTC Evo 3D – will a 3D-optimized version being coming someday?

The game was made in less than a week, and thanks to Android Market’s instantaneous publishing times, Retro Dreamer programmer Gavin Bowman can put out more quick games like this, just throwing them at the wall until something sticks. Because in this market, that’s apparently what needs to be done in order to get some attention, to keep from losing all hope in this market.