Humble Bundle for PC & Android 8 Launches, Includes Two Android Debuts

Humble Bundle for PC & Android 8 Launches, Includes Two Android Debuts

Dec 17, 2013

Humblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’! Android gamers who enjoyed the most recent bundle with Android games didn’t have to wait long until the next fresh hot bundle landed in their laps: it’s the Humble PC & Android Bundle 8! This series of bundles, which Humble likely hopes they’ve finally nailed down the name of, has featured both Android and PC copies of various games for cross-platform goodness. The first round of the bundle features six games, including some Android debuts.

Gemini Rue: Wadjet Eye Games’ dystopian adventure game had been brought to PC and iOS in the past, but now Android gamers can now enjoy this critically-acclaimed point-and-click adventure for themselves. Mac and Linux owners get in on the fun for the first time as well.


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!! for the Awesome: ‘Cause I’m free…free falling! This game of hyper-fictionalized base jumping has players falling from the sky to collect points, and then hopefully landing safely or else it was all a waste. The title represents the mental screaming you’ll likely be doing while playing. Not for those with a fear of heights. Those with an Oculus Rift for the PC should check this out as there’s support for the head-mounted 3D display.

Jack Lumber: Trees are evil. Cut them all and show them who’s boss in Owlchemy Labs’ premier lumberjack simulator.

It’s probably not an actual simulation of lumberjacking, but close enough!

Jack Lumber 4

Little Inferno: From the creators of World of Goo, this “sandbox puzzler” serves as a satire of casual games, where players burn their possessions (in-game) to earn coins and buy more things to burn. Such is the duplicitous edge we all walk along.

Anomaly 2: The shiny tower offense game has been brought in its unabridged and unadulterated form from the PC, with all its visual effects intact. But there’s a cost to pay: more than the bundle average.

Anomaly 2 Benchmark 1

Hero Academy: The hit multiplayer turn-based strategy game from Robot Entertainment includes the “Gold Pack” for Steam which will unlock all content across all platforms including the Android and iOS versions! Whaaat?

Hero Academy 1

As always, the bundle runs for two weeks, ending on New Year’s Eve, and more games will likely be added next Tuesday on Christmas Eve for those who are nice and pay above the average. Ho ho ho!