lab Updated With Text Editor lab Updated With Text Editor

Aug 13, 2014 lab a in depth photo editor for Android has recently been updated with the ability to add text to your photos. Lab already boasts a large variety of photo effects and fun ways to play with your happy snaps.

The latest update allows users to add text to their photos in a variety of fonts and styles. This makes the app great for creating greeting cards from your favorite photos and any Instagram style ironic photos.

Check it out today.

unnamed Lab Offers Hundreds of Fun Effects to Modify Photos With Lab Offers Hundreds of Fun Effects to Modify Photos With

Jan 20, 2012 Lab is a photography app designed around having fun with photographs, not necessarily as a serious photo editor. Photos can be applied with a wide variety of effects. Actually, I think “wide variety” is an understatement, as there are literally hundreds of effects to use here. Want to see a person’s face on money? That is possible! Add a photo to a hot air balloon? That’s possible! There are even animated effects that can be saved, such as a photo in a picture frame with a flickering candle next to it. Some of the effects use facial recognition in order to utilize their effects, and it only detects natural skin tones. My dream of ever seeing the Blue Man Group and/or Tobias Fünke on money is dead. The free version comes with the vast majority of effects, with new ones added for free regularly, but adds a watermark to some of the photos along with ads, which the full version doesn’t have. Lab is available now.