Thrutu Announces 12 New Features for Their Enhanced Calling App

Thrutu Announces 12 New Features for Their Enhanced Calling App

Jun 2, 2011

So, we have these supremely advanced smartphones, but yet phone calls have yet to really evolve at all. They still use the same ancient low-quality audio codec for two-way calling between two numbers, even while these phones are able to do things like play high-tech 3D games against dozens of other people simultaneously. So why should phone calls be the same old experience they have been since the days when cell phones were comically large? Thrutu has put their fist down on the table angrily and said “No, sir!”

Thrutu’s app allows for users in a phone call to interact with each other and exchange information. Users can exchange their location, exchange photographs, share contact info, and even prod another user’s phone to make their phone vibrate suddenly. The last feature is meant to be fun, clearly.

However, Thrutu isn’t just resting on their laurels with these features, as they are adding 11 new features to the app that are launching in a new update today. Here is a list of the new features being added to the app:

  • PayPal: Now Thrutu users can send money to each other directly mid-phone-call. This makes demanding money from people in phone calls easier than ever!
  • Meet Me: This feature suggests activities and places to go to that are located halfway between two users – no longer will anyone have to suffer the awkwardness of waiting around for someone at a restaurant!

  • Doodle: Users can share sketches on a blank canvas or even sketch on locations and photos; if someone really needs to be convinced that they should grow out that handlebar mustache, they can now see it in real time!
  • Coin Flip: When actually flipping a coin with someone isn’t possible, let the digital equivalent make decisions instead!
  • Mood Ring: A way for one party to let the other know how they’re feeling in a playful way.
  • Games: Two competitive games have been added, including Tic Tac Toe and 15 Together.
  • My Flickr/My Twitter: Users can read Twitter streams together, as well as viewing Flickr photostreams.

  • Wish You Were Here: Users can now share their local weather forecast with the other caller. Just remember, Texans: while we get to wear shorts during the winter occasionally, our summers are quite rough. Don’t brag too much.
  • The app allows for customization of the Thrutu drawer for quick access to commonly-used features. As the vice president of Thrutu, Liz Rice, says: “The buttons we’re announcing today just give an illustration of the kinds of sharing and game-playing capabilities that are possible with the Thrutu platform.” All of these features were developed thru Thrutu’s developer APIs, so more features could be coming soon to the app from creative developers. Thrutu’s new update should be available now from the Android Market and Amazon Appstore.