lab Updated With Text Editor lab Updated With Text Editor

Aug 13, 2014 lab a in depth photo editor for Android has recently been updated with the ability to add text to your photos. Lab already boasts a large variety of photo effects and fun ways to play with your happy snaps.

The latest update allows users to add text to their photos in a variety of fonts and styles. This makes the app great for creating greeting cards from your favorite photos and any Instagram style ironic photos.

Check it out today.


Snapseed Review

Snapseed Review

Dec 28, 2012

There was a time, not all that long ago, when cameras on phones were not too hot. The hardware was rudimentary, and the accompanying software bordered on the silly. Pictures were not that great.

Since then, it has gotten better… much better. So much so, that for many people, their smartphone cameras are the cameras for everyday use.

Snapseed (from Nik Software) is an app that looks to perfect the picture-taking experience. It is a photo-editing title that incorporates a lot of the features people have come to expect with apps of this type. Being chock-full of fan favorite filters definitely makes it an interesting offering.

I found the app to have a clean, simple interface which belied its bubbly functionality. It opened up with a quick diagram fitted with a test picture and an accompanying tutorial, which was simple but effective; it let me understand the basics of photo manipulation and enhancement. There was an automatic tab, as well as tuners for color, cropping, and more interestingly labeled filters like grunge, vintage and the interestingly titled “Drama” option. “Selective Adjust” allowed me to manipulate specific areas of my image on the fly.

Additionally, there were borders that could be added to give my images a somewhat formal finish.

I found the program intuitive enough to go in and play with right after the install; I especially liked the multitude of import options. The import tool pulled photos from Dropbox, my file manager of choice, or my device Gallery. For Google+ users, the one-touch share button will be welcome; I was also able to share to other apps on my device by using the built-in share option.

The unspoken comparison will be to Instagram; this app does not have the integrated social network that the Big Guy on the Block does, but in the enhancement department, I thought Snapseed more than held its own. The share functionality and cross-platform nature of the app definitely makes it a great creator of nostalgia though.

ComicBook! Wants to Make Photos More Exciting. And Full of Panels.

ComicBook! Wants to Make Photos More Exciting. And Full of Panels.

Oct 22, 2012

3DTOPO has announced the availability of its app for turning real-life photos into a virtual comic book. Appropriately titled ComicBook!, this app lets users add their photos in to make their photos exciting, because a picture may say a thousand words, but the word “AWESOME!” in block letters says awesome like little else can.

There are specific artistic filters designed to make photos look like more like they were hand-drawn. Want a manga-style look? That’s a filter choice. There’s also one that resembles the Frank Miller classic Sin City. And of course, “Vibrant” will make things look more colorful. Text captions can be added in stereotypical comic book font to add some liveliness and playfulness to the photos. There’s a variety of panel layouts that photos can be laid out in as well. Once finished, the photos can be shared via Twitter or Facebook. After all, comics are best shared with other people. ComicBook! is available from Google Play.

Sony Digital Network Applications Launches Photo Editor and Video Connector Apps

Sony Digital Network Applications Launches Photo Editor and Video Connector Apps

Nov 29, 2011

Sony Digital Network Applications continues their line of Android media editing apps, with two new recent releases. As previously announced here on the site, two new stylish and easy-to-use tools are now available for Android devices: Photo Editor and Video Connector. Both do pretty much what they say on the tin, but have some special features to them as well.

Photo Editor allows for various frames and decorations to be added to photos. Users can add special graphics for comical effect, along with customizable text boxes. Special frames can be added to make photos appear more decorative. There’s also a variety of post-processing effects available, such as color modification, pencil stitching effect, pixelation, simulated SLR effect, and more. This is in addition to the basic photo operations, like cropping, scaling, and flipping, that would be expected from any decent photo editor. Photo Editor is available now from the Android Market.

Video Connector can be used to help stitch together multiple separate video files together into one. Users add videos with a simple upward swipe to call up the list of videos, swipe left and right to move them left and right, and down to delete. Note that videos of unequal attributes cannot be combined, so they have to be the same resolution and file type in order to be stitched together by the app. Still, this is something that could be used to easily bring together several videos recorded consecutively, like on a vacation, without having to use dedicated editing software. As well, the ability to make sure videos stay under certain file limits, identical to Sony’s earlier video editing software, is present. This app is also currently available from the Android Market.

Sony Digital Network Applications has one more announced application coming out in the future: Photo Movie Creator HD. When this is released, we will have coverage of it and of future apps from Sony Digital Network Applications.