Foap Launches Android App, Unveils Motorola-Sponsored User Contest

Foap Launches Android App, Unveils Motorola-Sponsored User Contest

Mar 12, 2015

Foap is an interesting initiative that allows photographers of any and every ability potentially monetize their snaps with entities looking for authentic image captures. Now, Foap is launching a brand new app for Android users, sponsored by Motorola.

Turning your photos into real money. Simple as that. Just foap it! Upload your smartphone photos from apps like Instagram, Eyeem, Flickr and more.

*Sell your photos through Foap Market
*Sell photos through Foap Missions to brands like Mastercard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka
*Create your own web portfolio easily accessible for buyers
*Explore beautiful photos from all around the world
*Get feedback on your photos from other Foapers
*Photo upload right from your phone
*No upload limits
*PayPal integration for cashouts
*Amazing community of truly passionate photographers
*The best way to make money out of your passion
Foap is free. Each photo costs $10 and the photographer gets $5. A photo can be sold an unlimited amount of times! Foap Mission rewards start from $100.

Almost cooler is the fact that Motorola is launching a contest to celebrate the new app:

To celebrate the new app, Motorola is running a Foap Mission titled “For the Love of Android” seeking creative photos of users’ “Android moments,” whether it’s photos taken with Android devices or even pictures of the Android robot! The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize, second and third place will each be awarded a Moto X smartphone and fourth and fifth place winners will each receive a Moto 360 watch.

Folks can sign up for the contest via the app.

[Source: Foap Announcement]

CES Award-Winning App uCIC Launches on Google Play

CES Award-Winning App uCIC Launches on Google Play

Jan 22, 2015

Snapwise has just launched uCIC, a location-based photo assistance app that generated plenty of positive feedback at CES.

Location-based photo assistance offered by uCiC users in response to queries.
uCiC allows you to post requests of photographs you need, and other users can respond to you right away! Looking for real-time information about places, events and things that matter to you? Wouldn’t you love it if the information you’re looking for came directly to you, without having to hunt for it or filter through endless clutter?
With uCiC, you can find out what’s currently happening at any particular location worldwide while cutting through the noise and gaining direct access to real-time images posted by fellow uCiC users in response to your queries. There’s nothing like receiving timely assistance from ‘locals’!
————–Here’s how uCiC works: ————–
• Select a point of interest on the map
• View all the active users within the chosen radius anonymously
• Type in your request and it gets sent to all active users there as a push notification
• Users can choose to respond to the push notification by taking a pic and sending it back
• Earn Karma points for helping others with their photo requests
• Use the Karma points to create new requests
uCiC is a human network, a local guide of sorts, which facilitates the transparent sharing of queries and snaps, without swamping you with information you don’t require. So you receive precise visual answers to your questions, get to see only what you want to, and enjoy a relevant and focused experience. uCiC can help you make quick decisions, make comparisons and receive the latest information and updates, and learn more about whatever you want to.

UCIC is available for free on the Play Store.

[Source: Press Release and Google Play page]

MyDigipack is a Free App That Synchronizes Photos Across Any Devices

MyDigipack is a Free App That Synchronizes Photos Across Any Devices

Jul 1, 2014

MyDigipack 3

If you have a Blackberry phone with some important photos you don’t want to throw away (unlike the Blackberry), then MyDigipack is a cloud-sharing service for you. It can synchronize photos across Android, iOS, Windows, and yes, even Blackberry devices. It supports lots of sizes and file formats, so your photos will be saved, whatever their source is. The app can be downloaded from here: MyDigipack on Google Play.

Introducing Scanbot, a Mobile Document Scanner

Introducing Scanbot, a Mobile Document Scanner

Apr 15, 2014

Scanbot 2

Scanbot is a software that can scan any document, be it a receipt, business card, meeting minute, whiteboard note, or newspaper article, and produce a high-quality PDF on the fly. Naturally, you have to have a proper camera in your phone or tablet for that. The app can be purchased here: Scanbot on Google Play.

Presenting Photofy, an Artful Photo Manipulation App

Presenting Photofy, an Artful Photo Manipulation App

Feb 24, 2014

Photofy 4

As the name implies, Photofy is, basically, a photo-filter app that allows users to add special effects, filters and graphics to their photographs. The app allows self-expression in the form of stickers, frames, color correction, and other tools. It’s free, but some features require purchasing. The app can be downloaded for free from here: Photofy on Google Play. Lab Gets Updated With A New Design Lab Gets Updated With A New Design

Oct 8, 2013 Lab 3 Lab is a mobile studio that lets users apply tons of different filters to their photos, and edit them. Now, it has a new improved design and interface, as well as lots of new features, for both its lite and pro versions. The app can be downloaded from here: Lab Lite on Google Play, Lab Pro on Google Play Lab PRO Review Lab PRO Review

Jan 26, 2012

It’s been many years since “photoshop” became both a verb and a household name. It no longer really belongs to Adobe, instead it belongs to people who need a quick and simple word to describe what they’ve been doing to photos of cats. So it’s very difficult not to think of as a “photoshop app”. But then again, is it really so bad to compare the two? is but a humble offering in the vast field of photo editing apps, and yet it is very strong in its own right and can definitely hold its own compared to its predecessor.

What the developers of have done is distill a lot of the features that make other, more specific photo-editing apps popular, into one sort of general grouping of all possible edits someone could want to make. There are some funny frames, and some artists effects, the option to turn a person into a monster or an animal. But they have also given themselves free creative reign and every two weeks will produce a new photo effect that is always one level weirder/funnier than the last.

Editing the photos is wonderfully simple – the user selects an effect, and then can choose a photo from their gallery, or from a selection of previously-used photos. This is brilliant, because users don’t have to keep hunting through the menus to get back to the image they want to use. The app allows the photo to be cropped so that only the most relevant sections of it are used, and then it does all the work. It actually does a very methodical job of rendering the original image into the new setting. Each time I ran a picture through it I was impressed (or amused). And once the photos are finished there are options to save it to the phone’s gallery, or to export it in whatever manners the phone is capable of.

I applaud the ingenuity of the effects developers. Every two weeks they produce something new to entertain their audience. I do wonder how long they can keep up the stream of effects, but so far they haven’t slowed down. The editing and finals products are all quality work and I have been amusing myself with different hilarious images for days.

What I find unfortunate in the sharing aspect is that users can’t simply email a copy of the image to someone. Instead it gets hosted on’s website, and it produces a link to the webspace. It’s just a little disappointing that there is what I believe to be an unnecessary step between my friends and my hilarious photos.

Photo Collages Get Easier with Diptic

Photo Collages Get Easier with Diptic

Sep 15, 2011

The fun thing about cameras on smartphones is that there is no lack of creativity when it comes to the photos that spawn from these devices. This is partially because smartphones are with people everywhere they go, and partially due to some high quality apps that allow people to edit, manipulate, and post their photos to a variety of places. There is one such app that is very popular on iOS, and the developers have listened to the Android community and brought the it here as well. That’s right, Diptic is now available for Android!

Just what is Diptic? This app allows users to create stories with their photos by creating collages of their photos. Users can choose from 19 different layouts, grab pictures right off the camera or snag them from the photo library, arrange them into the collage, save it and it’s done. It is seriously that easy. Diptic also includes basic editing items such as contrast and saturation adjustments for added control. Once the creation part is completed, users can then share it with the world by posting to outlets such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. This is a powerful photo tool that inspires people to get creative and bust out some story telling with the use of images.

Diptic is available right now for $1.99 and can be purchased right here. Grab a copy and then get out there and start telling stories in a fun, easy, and unique way.

Camera Fun Pro Review

Camera Fun Pro Review

Jul 6, 2011

Let’s be honest, few of us use our phone’s camera for taking serious, life-changing photos. We use them to capture little memories instead, stupid and fun things that we’ve done or seen that we want to show off to our families and friends. Or for taking oddly angled social networking photos to show off our best pout-y faces.

Camera Fun Pro allows you to add filters to any photos that you take, and any photos that are in your gallery, to make them that little bit crazier. Anyone who’s used an image editing program before will be familiar with the sort of filters available, which range from one that makes your pictures look like they’re on canvas, to one that makes them look like they’ve been drawn with chalk.

Other than selecting which filter to use, you have no real control over the finished picture. For an app that describes itself as “pro”, Camera Fun Pro is a little light on customisation options. You can turn the flash on and off, but there doesn’t appear to be anyway to alter the opacity, brightness, sharpness or any other facets of the filter.

It’s a shame, because Camera Fun Pro is a really easy to use app. You point your camera, select your filter and get snapping. The results are pretty good as well, offering you plenty of variety for hardly any loss in quality.

Camera Fun Pro is a decent little app, but one thing it’s not is “pro”. For the price, you’d expect to be able to tweak the look and feel of your pictures, and it’s an omission that knocks the app’s score down. It’s great that the filter is added before you take the photo, and the quality of the photos is impressive, but if you want to call yourself pro, you’ve got to go a bit further than this.

PicSay Pro Review

PicSay Pro Review

Nov 29, 2010

Android powered devices are growing at an incredible rate which means there will be thousands of new Android users looking for a good photo editing tool. PicSay by Shinycore is an oldie but goodie among the vast catalog of Android apps. Since the breakout G1 device this photo editing app has stood the test of mobile app time and deserves a revisit. From “Word Balloons” to “Selective Desaturation,” PicSay Pro offers a plethora of ways to transform your photos into magical works of art or comedic works of fun.

Smartphone devices have come a long way and now sport some impressive camera hardware. It’s becoming more and more reliable and convenient to just pull out your smartphone and capture that “Kodak” moment. These devices have turned millions of average citizens into full blown freelance paparazzi and with it the demand for some good photo editing tools. PicSay Pro delivers in more ways than one and so we’re going to rundown this award winning app to see exactly what we are getting and if it’s worth the price.