Adobe Light Room Mobile Now Available on Android

Adobe Light Room Mobile Now Available on Android

Jan 15, 2015

Adobe has brought its Phtotshop Lightroom companion app, Lightroom Mobile, to Android.

Per the informational communication:

Lightroom mobile offers powerful capabilities to edit, organize and share images anywhere and anytime.

Built on a powerful cloud sync architecture, Lightroom mobile provides the most efficient way to manage and edit images across desktop, mobile devices and the Web. With Creative Cloud Photography Plan, photographers have access to professional-class photographic workflows on desktops and smartphones, allowing users to perfect images on any device.

Key Lightroom mobile capabilities include:
Sync edits, metadata and collection changes to the Lightroom catalog on a Mac or Windows computer
Automatically import images from the smartphone gallery and sync back to the Lightroom catalog on the desktop
Edit images using familiar Lightroom tools and presets, including non-destructive processing using Smart Previews
Quickly flag and reject photos

The app itself is free, but to take advantage of it, one must have at least Lightroom 5.4, which is available as part of a full membership to Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Photography plan. There is a 30-day free trial available.

[Source: Adobe Lightroom Journal]

Perfectly Clear for Android Review

Perfectly Clear for Android Review

Sep 14, 2012

People generally carry around phones and not a point-and-shoot camera these days because of the improved quality of cameras on phones. Taking a quick picture is also a lot easier from a phone because it’s usually in hand. The problem with the camera on most phones is it’s not quite as good as what a camera of the same megapixel rating would be. Part of the problem is clarity, and even though there are some settings to adjust clarity, contrast or color clarity still lacks.

Perfectly Clear Aims to cure this problem. The way Perfectly Clear works is to autocorrect common problems when taking images on a mobile device. There are quite a few options to fix the image. Options, such as exposure, depth, vibrancy, sharpen and skintone are all available for free. Other options are available as in-app-purchase.

After Perfectly Clear makes a correction to the image, there is a line right down the middle, showing a before and after. This way if the image is not corrected in a satisfactory manner, it’s obvious right away easy to compare. Several premade presets such as fix dark and fix tints. If desired, several user created presets can be saved also.

Perfectly Clear can make adjustments to pictures taken from the camera, downloaded images or images saved from messages. This means previously captured pictures can be adjusted to make them look as good as possible. Images from the previous vacation or taken while indoors without a flash can be brightened automatically. When a certain combination of settings is found to work well, save it as a preset for later use.

Having a application like this right on the phone is a huge timesaver from loading it onto a computer and using an image manipulation program like Photoshop to enhance the image. And it’s way better than just living with a dark image or deleting it. Lab PRO Review Lab PRO Review

Jan 26, 2012

It’s been many years since “photoshop” became both a verb and a household name. It no longer really belongs to Adobe, instead it belongs to people who need a quick and simple word to describe what they’ve been doing to photos of cats. So it’s very difficult not to think of as a “photoshop app”. But then again, is it really so bad to compare the two? is but a humble offering in the vast field of photo editing apps, and yet it is very strong in its own right and can definitely hold its own compared to its predecessor.

What the developers of have done is distill a lot of the features that make other, more specific photo-editing apps popular, into one sort of general grouping of all possible edits someone could want to make. There are some funny frames, and some artists effects, the option to turn a person into a monster or an animal. But they have also given themselves free creative reign and every two weeks will produce a new photo effect that is always one level weirder/funnier than the last.

Editing the photos is wonderfully simple – the user selects an effect, and then can choose a photo from their gallery, or from a selection of previously-used photos. This is brilliant, because users don’t have to keep hunting through the menus to get back to the image they want to use. The app allows the photo to be cropped so that only the most relevant sections of it are used, and then it does all the work. It actually does a very methodical job of rendering the original image into the new setting. Each time I ran a picture through it I was impressed (or amused). And once the photos are finished there are options to save it to the phone’s gallery, or to export it in whatever manners the phone is capable of.

I applaud the ingenuity of the effects developers. Every two weeks they produce something new to entertain their audience. I do wonder how long they can keep up the stream of effects, but so far they haven’t slowed down. The editing and finals products are all quality work and I have been amusing myself with different hilarious images for days.

What I find unfortunate in the sharing aspect is that users can’t simply email a copy of the image to someone. Instead it gets hosted on’s website, and it produces a link to the webspace. It’s just a little disappointing that there is what I believe to be an unnecessary step between my friends and my hilarious photos.

Camera Fun Pro Review

Camera Fun Pro Review

Jul 6, 2011

Let’s be honest, few of us use our phone’s camera for taking serious, life-changing photos. We use them to capture little memories instead, stupid and fun things that we’ve done or seen that we want to show off to our families and friends. Or for taking oddly angled social networking photos to show off our best pout-y faces.

Camera Fun Pro allows you to add filters to any photos that you take, and any photos that are in your gallery, to make them that little bit crazier. Anyone who’s used an image editing program before will be familiar with the sort of filters available, which range from one that makes your pictures look like they’re on canvas, to one that makes them look like they’ve been drawn with chalk.

Other than selecting which filter to use, you have no real control over the finished picture. For an app that describes itself as “pro”, Camera Fun Pro is a little light on customisation options. You can turn the flash on and off, but there doesn’t appear to be anyway to alter the opacity, brightness, sharpness or any other facets of the filter.

It’s a shame, because Camera Fun Pro is a really easy to use app. You point your camera, select your filter and get snapping. The results are pretty good as well, offering you plenty of variety for hardly any loss in quality.

Camera Fun Pro is a decent little app, but one thing it’s not is “pro”. For the price, you’d expect to be able to tweak the look and feel of your pictures, and it’s an omission that knocks the app’s score down. It’s great that the filter is added before you take the photo, and the quality of the photos is impressive, but if you want to call yourself pro, you’ve got to go a bit further than this.