Foxtrot! Review

Foxtrot! Review

Feb 24, 2014

Foxtrot! is a story of eggs, and one daddy fox’s quest to get them to feed his famished cubs.

It’s a treat visually, with delightful old school stylings fronted on a 2D surface, It had that washed out look that isn’t displeasing to the eye, and a decent helping of primary colors. The characters move along with the expected retro gait, and, with the old school animations, the looks department come together nicely.

Playing the game is helped by getting into the tutorial. It teaches the control set for the game: tapping and holding on either side of the screen moves our fox in the corresponding direction. Double tapping allows the fox jump, but also is an action button near doors and such. In general, the goal is to get from point A to point B (while gathering keys and eggs), which represents the successful collection of eggs. At first, said quest is relatively easy, with Neville fox1simply getting dressed and moving on. Then, togglable elevators get tossed in, and these require some timing to navigate properly.

Eventually, there are other dangers. The structures become tougher to travel through, and then there are dangers like spikes and irate chickens. The developer does some great things with latent levels; just when one might think they have reached the end of a challenging level, an elevator might lift him to a hitherto unseen part of the same level. In the one, there are two banks of lifts, one up and down. The way the level is designed forces the use of the down lifts, even though going up is the goal. These elements of the gameplay are quite refreshing.

A failed level can be repeated as often as necessary; completing automatically bumps one to the next.

While I never really cottoned to the controls — the jump mechanism felt finicky at times — overall, it’s a nice effort, definitely worth trying out, especially with the one-shot pricing.