Piggy’s Adventure Review

Piggy’s Adventure Review

Dec 29, 2011

There’s more to a good game than just good game mechanics. A truly enjoyable game needs good presentation, effective controls, and it needs to be both stable and functional. Bearing all of that in mind, it’s hard to say for sure whether or not Piggy’s Adventure is truly a good game, or just a game with good elements.

The core gameplay in Piggy’s Adventure is solid. Piggy runs from left to right, and you determine when he performs either a small jump or a big one. Performing the right jump at the right time will help you overcome obstacles, and pick up fruit. The further you get, the higher your score will go. The concept is simple, but enjoyable – you’ll have to master the timing of each jump, and make split second decisions on which jump is right for a given situation.

These core gameplay mechanics really are enjoyable. Learning to time your jumps correctly, and improving your high score make for a satisfying gameplay experience, but everything wrapped around that gameplay experience detracts from it. The first thing you’ll see upon loading up the game is an ad for the developer’s other games, and after that, you’ll see a message about how the game needs to be connected to the internet at all times. Both messages are written in broken English which was poorly translated from the original Japanese used by the developers. Most of the text in the game is so poorly translated that it’s a little hard to understand at first glance, giving the game an unfinished, and shoddy feel. It also seems odd that the game needs a constant connection to the internet. There’s no multiplayer, and most games push your score to the leaderboard after the game ends.

It may be the need for a constant connection, or some other flaw in the code causing the problem, but either way Piggy’s Adventure crashes a lot. Almost every time I fired it up, the session ended with the game crashing, and either closing itself, or presenting me with a “force close” error dialog box. It never actually crashed during gameplay, but the frequency of the crashes definitely diminished my enjoyment of the game.

So, is Piggy’s Adventure a good game? That question remains difficult to answer. The gameplay is enjoyable, but just about everything else the game has to offer is off-putting. It’s free, so if you’re curious about it, there’s no harm in giving it a try – just be ready to deal with some frustrations caused by the game’s incessant crashes and poorly written text.