Freaky Friday – Pimple Popper

Freaky Friday – Pimple Popper

Sep 16, 2011

Friday is here once again and that means we get to take another look at programming skills that could have gone into making something totally awesome, but someone along the way decided it was cooler to make an app with little point. This week is a look at an app that glamorizes the bane of all teenagers: the bigass pimple. Yeah, let that soak in for a moment….someone took time to make an app about pimples, and the joys associated with destroying them.

Pimple Popper’s claim to fame is that if someone is bored, cannot sleep, or stressed, they will rush to their phones to burst some pimples. Those adults that did not get enough of this activity in their teen years, can once again relive the joys of squeezing, poking, and prodding disturbing white heads until they explode in a gooey mess. The advantage here is there is no pus to get in one’s eye due to the amount of pressure it takes to rid one’s face of these nuisances.

What is really bothersome is the fact that the developer took time to code in random pimple locations. This app continues to see updates as well, which is baffling as to how much is there to update when it comes to acne? Gotta add in ingrown hairs and boils? The description even encourages people to play this game in front of friends. While that may be cool, after the beer pong has run its course, it is most likely not going to be the hit of the party. Do note, this app will not help anyone pick up chicks at the party. Really, the worst part about popping virtual pimple is the lack of tactile relief. There is no sigh of happiness as the pressure that has been building up for days is finally alleviated, only to be replaced a few days later in another location. If this can find its way into a virtual setting, then there maybe something here, but until then it is just nastiness on an HD screen.

So if there is someone out there that just needs to see virtual pimple guts, the app can be found here. Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to play something a bit more…classy!