Pitfall! Review

Pitfall! Review

Dec 26, 2012

Remember the PITFALL! on Atari? Well the new version of the wildly popular classic is available on Android. It is pretty similar to Temple Run, but with better graphics and more to do.

About 300-800 meters into the game, the view changes from a side scroller to a more 3D look. Throughout the game, the camera changes views to enhance the gameplay a bit. As Pifall Harry is running through the jungle, he is presented with a lot of obstacles ranging from cracks in the earth to fallen trees and rocks. There are also snakes to kill with his whip and vines to grab and swing on.

The controls are pretty easy to use. Swipe up to jump, down to slide and left or right to turn. Tapping on the screen will unleash Pifall Harry’s whip on the snakes in his path. When the camera is right behind Harry, the Android device can be tilted to make him drift left or right along the path. This is how he can get in line with the row of white bricks and also avoid some obstacles. These controls carry over to the other methods of travel. While exploring different levels, Harry might happen upon a vehicle like a motorcycle or a mine cart. The controls will be adapted to these modes of travel as well.

Every 2000 meters or so there is a checkpoint. At the checkpoint, a reward of 5 Macaw coins to let Pifall Harry start at the most recent checkpoint vs. starting all the way back at base camp. Along the way, little silver bricks should be acquired. These are used as currency in the store. Leveling up during the game by gaining experience points will earn Harry diamonds. These diamonds can also be used to buy things. Some of the items in the store are potions to revive Pifall Harry for the dead, anti-venom potion for snake bites, new outfits and lots of other goodies.

Relic Rush has 3 levels with several stages in each level. These levels give Pifall Harry all kinds of different challenges. These challenges are a race for the best time, not greatest distance traveled. The goals are to find all of the rings and reach the end of the level in as little time as possible.

I loved how they tied in the old game to the intro. Glad I didn’t skip it. Also the way the game is not quite the same every time a level starts is really great. This way people can’t just learn what to expect.