Diaro 3 Review

Diaro 3 Review

Jan 10, 2013

In a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep up with the mind. So many thoughts, so little time to remember them. Diaro 3 looks to be the electronic solution people on the go need to record important stuff.

Diaro 3 (from PixelCrater), is an electronic journal that allows for a lot of the things that I would expect from a physical journal, plus some cool features perfectly appropriate for a mobile application.

The biggest overall feature, in my opinion, are the customization options included in this app. I was able to fine-tune the look of the user interface by tweaking the color (and there plenty of shades) and text size, and stuff like 12/24-hr clock and starting day of the week. I was also able to toggle a quick entry icon. I liked the little things that allow me make an app my own, and Diaro 3 provided several of them.

The app itself comes in with a clean look, with easy-to-use buttons for searching, entry and menu. Entry boxes yielded dated spots for inputting title and text, with a word counter at the bottom corner. I liked that entries could be sorted and tagged by location and other standard/tweaked criteria. Long-pressing individual entries gave me the option of deleting, editing or just viewing; I thought this to be quite intuitive. I could also share to other apps, like Gmail or text, to social networks or locally via bluetooth. Additionally, being able to include pictures in diary entries was great.

Of course, for any type of diary, security is a concern. For this, Diaro 3 allowed for the entry of a 4-digit security PIN, which added a layer of protection to whatever is on the host device. The backup solution (to external memory) was another smart feature (Dropbox sync/backup is a Pro feature).

For folks keen on solutions that enable recording of thoughts and events on the go, Diaro 3 is a compelling option.