Cryptica Review

Cryptica Review

Feb 12, 2013

Cryptica is an intriguing game entry from Pixibots that strings together an interesting motif, heart-pumping sounds and some mind-tripping gameplay into a user-animated adventure.

The storyline was wrapped around temples, crypts and hitherto unsolvable puzzles personified in buried relics.
Utilizing a grid made up numerous squares, I was tasked with getting squared blocks to matching spots on the board. In practice, this was not always an easy proposition, and this is because the developer puts in some restrictions that make the game play quite challenging.

First, all the movable blocks moved together, and moved in the same direction. So, if there were two blocks to be placed in home spots, and those home spots were on opposite sides of the board, i had to figure out how to move them in opposite directions despite the fact that sliding one block moved the other in the same direction. To accomplish this, I could use the occasional fixed block and/or movable red herring blocks to trap a block so as to create space to move it.

Every completed level was graded based on the number of moves (counting each block and adding) it took me to finish that particular puzzle. I got three coins for the perfection of completing a puzzle in the minimum number of moves. Coin thresholds were required to open higher level series, so getting levels completed with a minimum of moves was key. Fortunately, levels could be repeated for better payouts. All in all, it was a simple concept that was deceptively challenging.

Graphically, the animations were smooth, with nice colors and a musical score that highlighted the overall theme of the game.

Cryptica is a fun game that taxes the mind and manages to be simple at the same time. It is a fun diversion that has the looks to and gameplay to keep players involved.