Pix’n Love Rush Review

Pix’n Love Rush Review

May 31, 2012

Pix’n Love Rush is a game that celebrates all things retro. Retro-style pixels are everywhere in this multi-variate platformer.

The meat of the game is the Classic Rush mode, where players navigate short platforming sections, with the goal being to collect coins and kill enemies, while not scrolling off the screen, and avoiding the angels. High scores are the goal, and the way to get them is by keeping combos going, by collecting coins and destroying enemies all in a row, without hitting the negative coins, or hitting enemies, which decreases the combo by one level. Killing all enemies and collecting all coins in a section grants a 10000 point bonus that can be multiplied. Keeping an x10 bonus is the way to get high scores, but with the tricky level layouts, this is not easy.

The other modes are more basic and all involve different auto-running mechanics. Cursed Rush has players trying to navigate one of 5 extremely difficult auto-running platforming sections. Rainbow Rush lets players jump up, and they must try to avoid the walled parts of the 4-tier playing field. Finally, On-Off Rush has players running one direction to collect sun pieces while the sun’s up, then flipping around to collect moon pieces when the moon’s in the sky, while trying to avoid the other type of piece. Combos in this mode go toward collecting extra time.

The game is a must for anyone who loves retro 80’s gaming style, because it is chock-full of it. It’s not just the pixel art, the way the graphics shift also recall classic video game consoles and even the original Game Boy and Virtual Boy. Yes, the Virtual Boy, lest we ever forget the time when Nintendo made us see red, and then not see anything because the thing blinded us. The wide variety of game modes ensure plenty of replay value, along with the fact that they’re built for repeat play and high score chasing.

Controls are the issue here; the virtual buttons are small, and I regularly mis-hit buttons. Larger touch-enabled areas and even Bluetooth controller support would help out a lot with this. It’s a shame, because the controls were less of an issue in the iOS original; ironing these out is all that stands between me and a full recommendation for this game. Still, for those willing to deal with some occasional control hiccups, this is a retraux masterpiece.