Pixoban Review

Pixoban Review

Jun 11, 2013

Pixoban is a delightful little leveled puzzler that incorporates simple, eye-catching graphics, intuitive gameplay and a basic prop story.

The gameplay starts with a scary alien abduction. But these crafty aliens are not picking me up for abhorrent medical research, or organ-harvesting schemes, or the noble pursuit of studying the social mores of human beings in confined space.

No, these aliens are messy, and need help cleaning up their messy ship.

The gameplay is situated on a squared 2D grid. Basically, it involves moving boxes to more or less inconveniently placed airlocks. Using drag motion, I get to use my game personality to move the box to the square representing the pix2airlock. Now, the kicker is that movement goes only one way. Boxes cannot be pulled; only pushed. Thus, moving a box plush against a wall could stop reasonable progress, especially if there is not any wiggle room. Every move has to be reasonably thought through; for example, moving a box sometimes entails reversing course to get behind, on top, beneath or beside a box to change direction of movement.

After a while, multiple boxes and multiple portals start to make an appearance. Boxes have to be logically moved from the beginning, and the puzzles do get a bit tougher. Did I say that there is a timer for the solutions? There is. Quickness is definitely a encouraged, and times are recorded.

But there are helpers too. There is a reverse button that allows players to rewind course, so that if stuck, it is possible to go back and re-do steps. While it does count against you, it is handy to have.

Success opens up further levels, and the game boast more than 120 different levels, so there is plenty of gaming to be had, as well as a special Pixoban award if every level is completed.

Pixoban is another game that shows that plenty of fun can be found in games with simplistic exteriors.