Oh, the Humanity! The Sandbox Now Has Humans!

The Sandbox, Pixowl Games’ 2D physics sandbox app for making and doing just about whatever as long as it’s in two dimensions and made of pixel art, not only celebrated its first anniversary of existence, but has also gotten a major content update on Android. Humans have been added to the game, bring a spice of autonomy to the title. Players can get their humans to wander around and interact with their worlds, influencing what they say and do by using magical powders to make them take up Miner, Woodcutter or Builder roles.

Those who want to see just what they can do can check out the new Humans campaign with 15 new levels. As well, a new user-created campaign with 10 new levels created by the community has been added as well. Those who have yet to check out The Sandbox and want to see what this game is about and is capable of? Check out the game’s YouTube channel where they feature the best player creations every week, such as this recreation of a song from Portal 2: